Monday, November 4, 2013

October Travels Part 1

My cousin Nathan got married the first weekend in October.  I managed to only take a few pictures, but we had a great weekend in Huntsville with our whole Spencer Family!   

We stayed in a hotel which of course is a JACKPOT for little ones.  klp worked so hard getting this blanket all spread out on the bed. Here he is with it juuuuuust right.  

The dry cleaning paper was Q's "map" so he was busy reading the map all morning. Obviously he wasn't busy getting dressed. 

This is the only picture I have of the wedding.  Bummer.  They had cute little coloring books for all the kids at the wedding.  The cousins managed to color the whole book out in the hallway before the wedding started. Congrats Nathan and Megan!!!! 

A couple of weekends later we were on to our next adventure.....ACU HOMECOMING! (my 10 year reunion....ouch!) 
Jaylie got her first shiner just in time to go meet all her future roommates/grub dates.  She fell off a bench at a store...on to carpet. I missed the whole thing (bad mom) but it was pretty much a carpet burn.  Sorry jjp.  She made it a whole year without a black eye, thats pretty good, right? 

We made the almost 5 hour drive to Abilene without stopping.  The boys were AWESOME. Jaylie was the opposite of awesome.  But we made it.  Kamryn was waiting for us to get there Friday night because we had a baby! Too bad the baby was as big as her! 

Me and Beth introducing Jaylie June and Molly.  Yet another forced friendship for Jaylie.  At least I pick the best, cutest, sweetest little friends for her! 

They will hang this in their dorm room, right? 

We had so much fun Friday night hanging out at Tamara's and letting all our kids play. We were having so much fun that we never stopped to take a picture of all of our kids.  I'm SO MAD!  It was so fun to watch the kids play and get to actually meet all our friends' kids! 

These are out of order, but oh well.  Saturday night we had a kidless reunion dinner that was really fun.  Fun to hang out with our crew and to visit with so many other ACU friends we haven't seen in years.  

Here's  most of "the girls". We were missing a few.  Hard to believe its been 10 years since we LEFT good ol' ACU, but I love that our friendships are as strong as ever.  And our memories had us laughing til we were crying! 

We took this exact picture on the steps of some museum in Chicago our senior year.  There was not a single picture that someone wasn't dying laughing....

Great, lifelong friends Eric and Amber

Saturday morning was the parade and it was COLD.  FREEZING COLD.  This is how my boys sat until the parade started (nothin' but J's poking out).  Q ventured out of the stroller when he heard they were gonna throw candy, but klp stayed UNDER the blanket the entire parade.  Peeking out only to ask if the parade was over yet.  Jaylie was bundled up in Daddy's arms.  

We opted to not wrestle our 3 kids all through chapel so we went and toured the new work out facility. It was really nice.  We spent most of our time in the gyms.  

We spent the weekend at Ricky and Cindi's house and had a BLAST.  They moved from Longview to Abilene almost 5 years ago and we miss them so much! We had so much fun staying with them and getting to hang out with their kids and catch up with each other.  The Colliers came over for lunch too. It was so fun to be together like the old days!  
Aubrey holding Jaylie, Laurel, klp, Trent, Quinn, Cooper, and Addison


Pruitt's kids are old enough to take pictures, so we got one of the adults.  I LOVE THESE PEOPLE! 

Thanks to a stomach bug at our planned babysitter's house, the Pruitts ended up with our 3 and the Colliers 2 kids while we went to the reunion dinner! Great friends! They sent us this picture while we were gone.....  assuring us that Jaylie was having fun! 

As cheesy as it sounds, it was so great to be back in Abilene at a place that holds SO MANY great memories for us.  It did my heart good to be back with friends, together in the place where it all happened. They truly were the glory was fun reliving them!! Go wildcats!

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