Friday, February 28, 2014

Family Fun

These are just random snapshots of some of our fun.  I only take pictures of the fun.  No need to document the bad and the ugly, right? 

One afternoon Quinn was with Gram and Jaylie was asleep so me and klp got to go on a nice walk.  (Kory was home with sleeping Jaylie).  I had full intentions of quitting my coke drinking habit once we moved.  I figured without a Sonic around the corner (or within 2 hours for that matter) it wouldn't be that hard since I don't buy any cokes to keep at the house.  Weeeell, I soon discovered the gas station at the corner of the block sells fountain Cherry Pepsi. Its not QUITE as good as Cherry Coke, but its close. And its good enough to lure me in way more often than it should.  Walking distance Cherry Pepsi seems to run a pretty close race with driving around the corner for Sonic Coke.  Kanyon asked me for a drink and I let him try it because I knew he wouldn't like it.  The boy doesn't like sweets and I figured the fizz would be a no-go since he's never had carbonated drinks.  I was wrong.  Very wrong.  I ended up sharing my drink way more than I ever planned on it.  Maybe its his way of trying to help me drink less cokes.  Its kinda fun to have a little secret treat with Kan.  A few sips of coke won't hurt him.....he used to get caffeine through an IV when he was a baby! haha! 

I thought he looked pretty cute sippin' my drink.  

This is the creek that runs through town. Its close to our house and this was the first time klp had ever seen it. He LOVED it.  We threw snowballs and sticks in it for the longest time. His giggles were perfection! 

Quinn has discovered the camera on my phone and likes to take pictures of himself.  Selfies at 4. Kids these days. So just as we were snapping a picture Little Miss Don't You Dare Leave Me Out jumped in just in time.  Photobombing at 18 months.  Kids these days.  

We just let her in the next one.  Check out the grin on that girl!!!  

Q wanted to do a silly one.  Looks like we all did the same thing.  

Uncle Tye wanted Q to show him his muscles.....and ribs apparently.  

The Catholic church is just behind the building thats behind our house (make sense?).  Our house used to be owned by the Catholic Church and was a Nunnery.  When we are out walking somewhere we usually stop and play on the side of the church where they have some steps and a fun place that the kids think makes the perfect Castle. 

This is my crew.  

klp cuddling with Uncle Tye. 

Jaylie June batting her eyes at Chief. 

Here's klp's black eye. He got hit with a ball at the gym and his glasses bruised his face and gave him a shiner.  

Just a regular ol' Sunday drive to church with the Lone Ranger. 

We live on a corner and across the street is a house owned by the people that own our house and it has a HUGE yard.  The snow melts slower over there so when our yard is out of good snow its a great place to play.  It made me pretty happy to look out my dining room window and see this view.  Not only are they cute bundled up playing together, but let's face it. Its cold out there and I didn't have to go out! 

Another view from the window. 

Nothing says sibling love like a little cuddle up with the iPad. 

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