Monday, August 18, 2014

Adam and Doodle's Visit

We had about 4-5 days after John Richard and Renee left before our last and final crew came.  Adam, Doodle, Caden, Tate, and Cora flew from Texas to end our summer with a bang! We had been looking forward to their visit for a LONG time and it was a GREAT week!  Adam is my cousin, Doodle is one of my closest friends, and our kids are all the same age and big big buddies.  It made for the perfect week for everyone!

Me, Kanyon, and Quinn left Saturday morning to drive to Bozeman to pick them up.  Quinn wore this happy meal box the ENTIRE trip (almost 3 hours).

I guess he didn't think it made a very good sleep mask, so he pushed it up during his nap. 

Everyone piled in, we made a quick trip to Wal-Mart to stock up for the week, grabbed some lunch and headed to Lewistown!!!  We only had to make one quick pit stop on the way....

A Dads vs. kids gunfight broke out pretty quickly once we got to the house.  This was the first of MANY battles. 

I like this because Q is screaming and Kory is trying to tell him how its NOT that big of a deal.  It happens a lot around our house.  Notice Adam's laugh.....its always funny when its not your kid. 

Cease fire for a group picture.  These are some pretty serious dudes.

Tough Guys. 

Cora June and Jaylie June all dressed and pretty for church Sunday morning.  

Jaylie wearing one of my old dresses. 

Sunday afternoon after the girls got a little nap, we loaded up and went to Kory's Uncle Jim's place where the creek is.  We had a blast! 

The dads took turns taking the kids for a ride down the creek. 

Adam and Caden

Doodle and Caden, Adam and Tate

This was hilarious....Kory and Adam took the girls for a float and both of the girls totally laid back and chilled.  We got so tickled at them getting so comfy on their relaxing ride down the creek. 

Here's a close up of Jaylie in her chilled out pose. 

Somehow the guys decided me and Doodle needed to jump off the bridge/culvert thing.  I wasn't too excited because that water was COLD but we had to prove to the guys that motherhood hasn't made us total duds.  

Caden got to move cows with the men one evening.  He was so excited and feeling soooo big! He's such a great kid! 

One afternoon we got a babysitter to sit with Cora and Jaylie while they napped so we could take the boys to the movie theater to see Planes 2.  It was so much fun! The only other movie my kids have seen in the theater is the first Planes movie so they probably think thats the only movie that plays in the theater. Haha.  On our walk back home, the boys saw this bench and asked for us to take their picture.  Sweet things.  

They immediately found every toy plane we had and played Planes the rest of the day! 

Cute little buns!

We spent lots of time playing outside.....

Guns were a must, clothes were not. 

Cora and jjp having Magna Doodle fun.

Lots of bouncing on the trampoline!

I'm not sure why jjp is holding back tears in this picture, but I'm sure she was full on screaming soon after this picture was taken. 

Sweet sweet sweetness. 

Its always nice to see these two gals playing so nicely.  They got off to a rough start the first day, but seemed to settle in to a less scream-possessive-annoying relationship as the week went on.  Its good practice for when they're college roommates.  Which they WILL do.  Their grandpas and grandmas were roommates, their uncles were roommates, their moms were roommates, so they have no choice but to make it 3 generations of Spencer roommates. 

More sword fighting......

They had  a blast with all of the costumes.  I never knew who I was gonna see when I walked in the room.  At this particular moment it was klp-Spiderman Caden-Peter Pan, Q-Iron Man and Tate-Captain America/Super Man

We had plans one day to spend the day at the ranch.  Show them around, climb the Butte, cookout, etc. But after about 5 minutes on the Ranger, Caden's allergies went bonkers so we had to stay out of the pastures and stuff. Sweet boy was swollen and miserable.  They'll just have to come back for the grand tour. We still had a fun day playing around the house.  

Jaylie is obsessed with the kittens.

J.June and C.June

jjp enticing/torturing the kittens

We played lots of ladder ball. 

This was BEFORE the attack of the allergies. 

This is about as far as we got before the allergies hit. 

We still had a cookout at the pit right by the house. Tate, Caden, and Q were helping Adam get the fire going. 

I LOVE this picture!!!! Cora decided she was in charge of guarding the ice chest.  She would slam the door down and then keep her hand on it so that no one (mainly Jaylie) even tried to touch it.  Jaylie would act like it was the end of the world which would just make Cora do it more. It was a lovely cycle.  We enjoyed watching from a distance so the screaming wasn't so loud.  Haha! 


jjp with the kittens....again. 

ahhhhh nothing like laying in the cool grass by the fire. 

After we ate hot dogs and stuff we drove back in to town and got everyone an ice cream cone! This was Cora's first ice cream cone.  She was pretty excited! 

klp and his treat: french fries. 

One morning we went to the park by our house. 

Favorite part of the park? The mud puddles under the swings.  Of course. 

The fair was in town, so the last night we went to the rodeo. 

Loving or picking??? Both???? haha little cute stinkers. 

klp and KLP

The last morning we walked up the street to watch the fair week parade. I always love parades.  

Jaylie thought the fire trucks were a little too loud. 

This dum dum seemed to help.  

Sweet Caden. 

I love this crew so much.  I am so thankful our kids love each other. I count it one of my life's greatest blessings that my kids love "Uncle Adam and Aunt Doodle" as much as they do and that our kids are gonna be buddies their whole life.  Technically our kids are like 5th cousins (their grandpa's are 1st cousins) what a blessing to be so close to our "distant cousins".  

10 years ago this summer, Adam and Doodle and Kory and I got married and spent a week together after our weddings/honeymoons were over.....10 years later we spent a week together with our busy children!!!  So much changes in 10 years, but they're still some of our favorite people, we adore their kids and they were the PERFECT crew to end our summer!!! 

Kanyon and I took them back to Bozeman after the parade. We were sad to see them go.  We dropped them off then went over to Clint and Sydni's to let klp play a little with Sayler and Hayven and Sydni was nice enough to feed us! It was so fun to drop in for a bit and see them before we hit the road back home to Lewistown. I enjoyed that time with just klp. He's a good little travel buddy.  

Just a few days after Adam and Doodle left, we packed up and hit the road to Texas!  

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