Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Texas Part 1: Longview and Camp Deer Run

When Adam and Doodle left, we were pretty busy! I was getting everyone packed and Kory was busy getting things done so that he could be gone for a while.  We were all anxious to get to Texas and see our friends and family!  A couple of days before we left, Quinn was drawing and he asked me "How do you spell WE ARE COMING TO TEXAS!??!!!" His excitement was hard to contain!

We left at 6:00 am Wednesday morning. We had planned on having a short first day so that we could spend the night with some of our friends from Longview that have recently moved to Greeley, Colorado.  It was a great stopping point for us.  Our "short day" was 9 hours and 20 min. of driving time, so about 11 hours total travel time.  

Here's the crew at 6am.  Bright eyed and bushy....haired!!! I guess jjp had some early morning boogers she needed to get rid of.  Sorry.  

There was a little bit of this: 

A LOT of this: 

...and when we thought Jaylie was ready for a nap, we let the boys watch a video.  Jaylie doesn't watch TV which is pretty much bad news on a trip when our final trick in the bag is to watch a movie.  She just screams and keeps the boys from being able to hear.  Ugh.  So it worked out nicely that she slept.  Peter Rabbit DVD+sleeping jaylie june= rest for the parents! YAY! 

There was a picnic table area where we stopped for lunch so we let the kids run around a little bit.  And of course Jaylie went straight for the mud.  She just can't help it.  

We made it to Greeley by about 5:00pm so we had the whole evening to visit with Rand and Maggie Morgan, some of our dearest friends.  They had some family there too so we all had a great time! They cooked us a delicious meal and we had a nice relaxing evening and a good night's rest for our early morning and LONG DAY the next day.  

We left there about 5:40am.  Here are the little morning glories ready for the 15 hours of drive time we had ahead of us. 

Of course Maggie and her sis in law had this car game for us and the kids.  They made the bingo pictures, gave us stickers, and even prizes to give the kids when we got a row! You can tell these were mothers who had traveled with small children!

Good News:TEXAS!!! 
Bad News: Texas is BIG and we were headed to the OTHER end of Texas.  I've never wished so bad that I was from Dumas, Texas.  Or any other West Texas town.  

Y'all, June was BAD in the car. B-A-D. BAD. She was constantly wanting something else to play with, whining, crying AT me, begging me to hold her hand, asking to get out, being impossible to please and being LOUD.  Then she found this pen and started writing on herself.  She was quite. And happy.  And needing NOTHING from me.  At the time, I was driving and Kory says to me, "Uhhh Jaylie is writing on herself." So I ask the only important question I could think of, "Is it a sharpie?"...."No? Then I don't care". I'm not convinced that if it was a Sharpie I would've made her stop.  We needed peace that bad.  

This skin art was a small price to pay.  

After all day Thursday in the car (18 hours), We finally made it to Longview about 12:30am (I guess thats technically Friday). We got to my Aunt and Uncle's house. We all went to bed pretty quickly and woke up so excited to be with Steve and Mary Lynn again! It felt just like the old days! We were there because that weekend our cousin Blake (their middle son) was getting married.  So it was a busy weekend for the Hemphills but it was great to be with the whole family at Nanny Lou's house!

Quinn and Landry were in the wedding.  They were so cute and did such a great job! They were so happy to help Blake and Kayli get married!  
Here they are with Kayli! I have known Kayli since she was one of my campers at Camp Deer Run when she was about 8 years old. She's a great girl and I'm soooo happy she's our cousin now! 

We love Blake!!!

And of course there's no one like my Aunt Mary Lynn.  I was SO SO happy to be back with her and let the kids be with them.  This relationship has been one of my greatest blessings (for me and Kory  and our kids!)

Ring Bearer with the Best Men.  Q was pumped he got to stand on stage with Jay and Spencer!

I kind of couldn't stop taking pictures of them (and I am not sure why Q was smiling with his teeth like this.  Oh well.) 

They were ready to go! 

Q played with his ring pillow through the entire ceremony which was kind of funny and kind of nerve racking.  But when they prayed the kid stopped and bowed his head.  I guess he was tuned in a little bit...maybe picking up future marriage advice.  

The reception was out at this really neat barn thing and the weather was MIRACULOUSLY cool! August in Texas is usually miserable and it wasn't bad at all! We were all thankful for the break from the heat for the night! 

And this is my family.  And this is the best we can get of a family picture. And it makes me mad. 
And I don't know why I even try. Don't be surprised if you never see another family picture until they're in college.  

Me and my cousin Robin.  

I love these 2 women so much! A fantastic Aunt and a lady I love like family! 

We had a great wedding and great weekend with the whole Spencer family. We had so much fun being with all of our Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and more cousins!  I wish I would've taken more pictures at Nanny's house when we were all together.  We had lots of fun staying up late talking and laughing, as usual.  

We stayed in Longview for a couple of extra days to hang out with our friends.  Sunday night the Venables had everyone over to their house. It was so much fun! 

This picture is weird but I couldn't fix it and its too cute not to post. Andy, Clayton, Paul, Kory, and Mark.

Quinn and Will. We still can't believe the Mason's live in Longview. They were some of our best friends in college and then they randomly moved to Longview just as we were moving away. Boo.  But it sure is nice to see them there!

We were cracking up at these 4 boys playing washers like grown men.    

Again, I forget to take a picture until almost everyone is gone....but here's a few of the ladies that were left.  Kinsey, Jill, Rebekah, Amy, Christy, Amanda, Me, Addie! The time there is never long enough.  We love those people so so much.  It was so good to be with them and feel like no time has passed at all. Best friends ever.  

We had fun spending the night at the Hemphill's once the wedding rush was over.  Mary Lynn caught this picture of Jaylie pouting on the trampoline.  PUUULEEEEEEZ! 

They got out some of their old remote control cars! The boys had so much fun! 

We were there on Steve and Mary Lynn's Anniversary.  Their first meal after they were married was Sonic, so we celebrated by going to Sonic! Happy Anniversary! 

We didn't have much time, but we couldn't miss seeing the Briscoe Family.  Kory and Patrick went to lunch and I went over to their house to see Holly and the girls.  It was so good to hug their necks!!!  

Kanyon's Physical Therapist, Celia, came over and visited for a little bit. It was SO GOOD to see her!!!!  We miss her so bad! 

Quinn and his friend Trent had planned a sleepover before we ever moved away and they never got to do it, so we made it happen this time.  We spent Monday night with Chris and Mindi. It was SO FUN! The Porters and the Jordans came over so all the boys could play.  I've said it before, but it was SO GOOD to be with these people.  Seeing our kids playing together made me so happy.  Love Love Love.

This is the trio here.  All born within a couple of months of each other.  Kalon, Quinn, and Trent.  Sweet buddies.  

Kinsey came to hang out too!

Mindi took us to see her new studio that night (thanks Dads for wrangling kids).  We saw her awesome studio (Mindi Collier Photography...she does awesome newborn pics and lots of other stuff! Look her up Longview people!) We couldn't help but scarf down a CFA cookie while we were out! 

Back at the house we were getting the kids ready for bed.  These 2 were pretty pleased that they had matching undies. 

They were the cutest dudes all night long.  

The long awaited sleepover!!!!! Addison, Trent, Q, klp....jjp felt pretty left out, but she's not quite ready for this.  So she was in the pack and play in our room! 

Cartoons and breakfast together!  

We headed out of town Tuesday but not before a stop at Gary and Sharon's house! We saw them throughout the weekend but needed more time with them.  They had sweet treats for the kids, lunch for all of us, and lots of giggles and playing! They're the best! 

We said goodbye to Longview and drove on to Paris.  We spent the night there and then got up Wednesday morning to spend the day at Camp Deer Run! The kids were SOOOOO excited to get to camp! Quinn was disappointed that we didn't drive straight there when we got to Texas. We had a great day playing with Drayton and enjoying camp! 

Jaylie and Josiah.  We went swimming twice that day! 

Quinn and Drayton had such a blast together.  They played so well together and ran around having so much fun.  The kids are already discovering the benefits of being buddies with the Camp Director! Going to play with Drayton means going to CAMP!!  

Silly Silly 

Clint showed up for worship right as we were about to leave. I decided to stay with him. Mom and Kory took the kids back to Paris so they weren't in bed late.  Being there is always good for the soul, but especially when I've been away so long!

Nice smile jjp.  

My fam at my place!!!  

As you can see our first week was crazy! And this wasn't even all of it!  More posts coming....


Teresa said...

I'm so sad to have missed spending time with you and the kids while you were in Texas. You came so close to our house while at the Colliers! I so wish we had been here. Oh well, more reasons to come to Montana soon!
Love, love all the pictures of the fun you had with family and friends. Looks like that miserable, long trip was all worth it!
It was so great to see you, even for a very short time.
Love from the Knight family!

Pearson Family said...

I was so behind on your posts. Your Paris time looks amazing! We miss you!