Thursday, August 28, 2014

Texas Part 2: Paris! The Greens and Jaylie's Birthday

This picture was actually taken about 10 minutes after we drove up to my parent's house Tuesday evening.  They were so ready to ride the Mule while Ollie ran with them! The only thing better than a Mule ride is one with cousins. Mallory was there for the first ride! 

Montana--->Greeley, Colorado--->Longview--->Paris--->Camp Deer Run--->Paris 
and if that wasn't enough, after getting in at 2am from CDR Wednesday night, Kory and I took Kanyon to Dallas Thursday for a Dr. appointment.

Mom sent me pictures of all the fun going on with the other 2 while we were with Kanyon in Dallas.  

Juney girl feeding her baby.  Vintage toys abound at my Mom's house (aka she kept most of our toys so now our kids play with them!). I even need to point out the rat's nest hair and the giant belly on this child?!

Busy in the kitchen.  

Catching cicadas/locust

Jaylie LOVED Ollie! She would wave at him the whole time he ran beside the Mule.

Meanwhile Kan was getting to eat a yummy burger at Daddy's favorite Dallas burger place...AND he got Lemonade! He was pumped about that! 

When I told him where we were going he asked about the shadow wall! Its in the waiting area at this particular clinic in the Scottish Rite Hospital.  Its so cool! I gotta get one of these in my house! 

They have updated the playground there too and its AWESOME! He had a blast! After a long visit he deserved to get the wiggles out.  We met with his neurologist who monitors his seizures. We haven't been able to get them stopped so we are changing meds (again) and hoping this one does the trick.  Its an annoying process to get off one and on another so it will be a while before we really know if it works, but of course, we are hoping this one is the one we need to get his seizures under control.  

Q and Jaylie June got to have dinner at Clay and Mo's house that evening before we got back.  

This was the night my Mom caught possibly one of the best pictures ever.  She snapped this of Jaylie and Ellie on the couch.  Not sure what June was telling her, but it must've been GOOOOOD! 

We were FINALLY back to Paris for a bit and had a blast doing all the usual things...

swimming in the lake....

riding the Mule in a life jacket and PJ's.....

And of course....FISHING! 

This was a different fishing adventure with just Quinn and Paw Paw.  Q really loves to fish! 

Uncle Clint getting some cuddles from Kan Man

Weeeell we all thought Ellie was gonna be the forever Baby of the Spencer Clan, but we were all WRONG!  Clay and Mo are expecting again and in the humor of it all, I got this Tshirt from another friend who had a similar "bonus baby" experience.  I just had to give it to Mo.....haha! We can't wait for the next cousin coming in January!!!!!  

Pizza time! 

Friday our friends Eric and Amber Green came to town for the weekend. We were so glad it worked out that they were in town while we were.  It was such a fun weekend.  They have been family friends our whole lives and our kids all have so much fun together.  We raided the Hargis's pool Friday afternoon...Here's the whole crew! Plus Alison's sweet baby Miles.  He came by for a visit too! 

Jaylie and Easton

We filled up the entire pool! 

After a fun day of swimming, our whole crew plus the Crocketts came over for dinner and Jaylie's "Birthday Party".  Its a party anytime the whole gang is together, so add in a cake and its a birthday party! 

Jaylie was loving baby Miles.  He tolerated all the girls mothering him and the NOISE in our house very well.  I just couldn't get enough of his chubby sweetness!  

Aelyn and Jaylie playing with Miles.  Glad Ali was there to protect him from Jaylie's "love".  

Maybe my favorite picture of the whole night!!!  Jaylie was trying to kiss Miles and he was having NONE of it! haha! He was looking at him mom like she'd dropped him in the lion's den! haha!!  I'm sure their love will be mutual someday, but for now its pretty one sided! Martha...(I know you're reading) we LOVED being with y'all that night! So happy you were there! Love y'all!

Ali tell Miles I miss him! :) and you too!

This is by far my laziest cake ever.  Jaylie had told me she wanted a baby on her cake a while back, so I figured I'd use the retro babies from the 80s that I knew were at Mom's house. The ones she used to put on baby shower cakes back in the day! At 5:00 I still had no plan for a cake, so we decided to cover it in sprinkles, slap a baby on top, and call it good.  The sprinkles turned out to be pretty tricky....and messy.  When Jaylie saw her cake she yelled "BABY!!!!!" That's a total success in my book! 

wohooo! Baby!!! 

Q and Mallory eating supper

Jaylie and Ellie enjoying the birthday meal. 

She was a little overwhelmed by the whole singing experience. 



Me and my cray cray 2 year old! 

Auburn is such the Mommy and she cut up and fed Jaylie her birthday cake! So sweet.  

Opening presents was fun! Especially the super hero duds from The Crocketts! 

Clint and Miles.  I need to squeeze that boy....Miles...not Clint.  

Jaylie showing Ellie her new book.  Please take a moment to enjoy Ellie's teeny tiny ponytail! 

Auburn, Quinn, Avery, and Easton playing outside before the Greens left on Sunday afternoon.

Quinn, Mallory, Easton

They all spent so much time drawing in the living room Sunday afternoon.  They were so cute staying so busy making all sorts of creations.  

AND this is the lineup of kids......Aelyn Green (8), Avery, Roselyn, Kanyon (7), Landry and Auburn Green(6), Nolan (5), Quinn and Easton Green and Mallory (4), Marion and Jaylie (2) and Ellie (1).  Such a FUN group of kids! The Greens were some of my parents best friends from their Dental School days and we grew up vacationing and visiting them our whole lives.  Matthew and Eric were always some of our favorite friends and after fun times in college and then Eric in dental school with my brothers, the next generation of friendships continue (and so do the ski trips!). So it makes us SO HAPPY to watch our kids play together!  

Mo, Clay, Eric Green, Rachel, Clint, me, and Amber Green. As you can see, Kory is gone.  I had to take him to the airport Saturday evening so he could fly back to work for a couple of weeks while we stayed in Texas. 

We were sad to see Kory leave, but glad he let us stay and play for another couple of weeks!!