Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Uncle John Richard and Aunt Renee Come to Visit....AND MORE!

My Uncle John Richard and Aunt Renee came to visit in July.  They were the first to "book their trip" to see us so we've been looking forward to their visit for a LOOOOONG time!  They flew in to Bozeman and drove to our house for a few days, then to Glacier National Park, then back to Yellowstone.  We were thrilled they included us in their trip.  It was such a fun few days, we only wish they would've stayed longer!

Here's Renee winning major points with Q giving him a piggy back on the way to The Butte.  The giant dandelions are impossible to resist! 

My 3 monsters up at the top of The Butte.  

Group picture on The Butte {remember when I did my first post of the summer visitors I told you you'd probably see lots of pictures from The Butte since we'd probably take everyone there....I wasn't lying!

All summer I've wanted to catch the sunset from up on the The Butte and I finally did! It did not disappoint! 

A few cuddles before bed time

John Richard was quite the "play slave" the whole time they were there.  The boys had him busy non stop. This was a little baseball first thing in the morning. 

We walked around town and threw pennies in the fountain.

Kanyon, Jaylie, and John Richard took a little rest on the cool green grass. 

OUT OF ORDER PICTURES FROM THE BUTTE: pretend like they were up with the other butte pictures.  

Aunt Renee continuing her champion Aunt status with Q hanging on her back while she tries to take pictures.  

All the boys together..


Jaylie LOVED the purple weeds/flowers all over up there. She was wanting to pick every one she saw.  Here she is with a few of her treasured flowers. 

It was such a treat to have them with us! 

Just after JR and Renee's visit, Quinn started T-Ball.  It violates my previous "rule" of not starting sports at such an early age, but we haven't met many kids Quinn's age and wanted to give him a chance to be around other kids so we thought it would be fun for him.  They were gracious to let us come in late on the season. He had fun, did great, and never cried once.  

He was so happy to have his hat that he asked if he could sleep with it on! 

Q's game face:

His not-so-touch but still cute face: 

Gay Gay sent Jaylie a fun little package of goodies which included CHAP STICK!!!

and lovely necklaces! 

After one of Quinn's Tball games, we decided to take a dip in the creek. We rode bikes to a good part of the creek for playing

It appears Jaylie and Quinn have the same difficulty keeping their drawers up. 

Kanyon saw this rock and thought it looked like a diving board.  They loved "diving off the diving board"! 

jjp the little bird on her perch:

A few more TBall pics....after the first game, klp got to help "coach" with Daddy.  Next year we will be a little more prepared to figure out how he can be on the team, but this year he had to settle for the coaching gig. 

We celebrated our 10 year anniversary at the beginning of June but never had a chance to really celebrate or even acknowledge it! ha!  So finally at the end of July we made plans for Wes to relieve Kory on the swather at 5:30 so that he could come in and we could go to dinner.  Susan and her sister were gonna watch the kids.  We were all ready to go at 5:30 but Kory was nowhere in sight.  Finally at 7:30 he leaves me a message that says "we're having trouble with the swather so that's where I am." Boo.  So I broke the news to the kids that we weren't going to Grams and we took off on a bike rid/throw rocks in the creek.  Kory and his dad showed up about 9:00 and his dad said, "Go! I've got the kids." So Kory's parents came over and got the kids in bed and we left for dinner at 9:30. The pizza place was still open which just so happens to be my favorite restaurant in town so we had a great dinner and I learned one of the hard lessons about being a ranchers wife.  Don't believe it til you see it. Haha! After dinner we bowled a couple of games. 

....I did better the second game...

No matter what time it as it was a great 10 year celebration! 

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