Thursday, May 5, 2016

Amy and Mindi in Montana!

Several months ago, my friend Mindi and I spent some time talking and planning their spring break trip to visit us.  After some summer schedules got changed around, spring break wasn't going to be the best time for their family to come anymore.  So she told me one day, " I feel bad that you were already thinking we were coming and then we backed out so Chris (her husband) said I should just go!" So we got our other friend Amy in on the deal and they came to see us at the end of March/beginning of April!!!!  

I was SOOO HAPPY to get this picture from them when they boarded their flight! 2 of my dearest most favorite friends were ON THEIR WAY!!!!!

They wasted no time making a hair train.  This was a pattern for Jaylie and Amy.  J loved playing with her hair, and Amy thought it felt so good so it was a win win! Mindi did lots of her cute, fancy, good girl mom braids and stuff! 

The next morning we knew where to find Jaylie June's salon chair! And we all know Kanyon loves hair, so he was usually close by too.  

I left Mindi and Amy in charge of Q and J while I ran up the street to pick up Kanyon from school.  They sent me this picture about 2 minutes after I left.  These 2 bonked heads and "needed" ice packs. I didn't fire my babysitters, but we got a pretty good laugh at how things went south when I left them in charge! 

Saturday morning, Amy went with Kory to feed and deal with calves.  They had quite a time! 

Amy got to check on one of the babies in the corrals.....

and even got to tag one!! She's turning in to a ranch girl in no time! 

Saturday afternoon, we went out to the ranch to show them around.  My dear Mother in Law watched the kids at her house so we could tour with a few less people! 

I had "promised" them a calf birth and we were able to catch one.  It was fun and funny! Especially when Mindi gagged.

On a bright sunny spring day the obvious thing to do is take them gopher hunting.  So despite the wind and the late time, we were able to see enough to have a great time. Here's Amy putting one between her crosshairs! 

Competitive Amy came out and she was NOT going to let a speedy gopher or gun with the sight off stop her.  She got her gopher!!! YAY!!!! 

Our church sits on a hill overlooking Main Street and the Judith Mountains.  
So we took the photo op! 

Juney girl enjoying her bike in the PERFECT weather!!!  

Sunday afternoon we couldn't rest until we got Mindi a gopher so we headed back out.  Success from out of the sunroof!!!

She even picked it up!!!!! WOHOOO!!! (Who cares that it took her multiple attempts to actually get the guts to pick it up.  She DID IT!) 

On our way back to the house we saw this.  3 ladies riding their horses through the drive through.  And yes, waving at us taking the picture.  Ha! 

Ms. Mindi did a super cute and fancy braid on Jaylie's hair! 

Mindi kept telling Jaylie she was going to put her in her back pack and take her home with her.  J was taking her up on the offer.  Ha! 

Its not a visit with the Phillips Pham until you've taken a porch picture!!!! 

I think that your "people" make you who you are.  These girls are definitely 2 of my PEOPLE and it was so great to be back with that part of me again.  I love them.  Like seriously, love them. A lot.  And I'm always humbled when people go through all the trouble it takes to make a visit.  I am so grateful and so happy.  And now I can't wait to get their whole families up here!!!!!!  

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