Monday, May 9, 2016

April Calving and Regular Life

Kory sent me this picture when he and Quinn went out to check the cows one evening.  Q made sure to bring his football hoping they could play catch while they checked.

June covered her new lamb in hair bows.  And flashed a nice "smile" for the camera! 

More of her own outfits....

A lot of Saturday mornings, Kanyon gets to go feed and check with Kory.  Poor Kan wakes up too early, so often times he catches a nap in the pick up while Kory feeds.  Then he gets to "help" with the calves.  This cow was in the chute so her calf could eat (sometimes they have to go in there if the cow won't stand still or won't let her calf eat, or if the calf just needs a little extra help eating) and Kanyon was there to supervise the whole thing of course.  

KLP had J and Q with him one morning while I took Kanyon to therapy.  When I went to pick them up, there was a calf in the Ranger with them! You never know whats going to happen around here.  

Kanyon has been doing GREAT at school this semester.  He's really catching on to his letter sounds and to lots of sight words.  He's also being SO much more intentional with his drawings. Its been so fun to see his school work come home with these great pictures and words.  It sort of melts me into  puddle of sweetness and pride.  

Kanyon sat down at the table and said "I'm going to draw a tiger!" and then proceeded to draw this orange and black tiger.  Then he said,  "I'm going to write tiger!" and I heard him sounding "t-t-t-t-tiger" and then he wrote "tiger" below it.  He was pretty lost after the beginning T sound but this was a first for me to see! He totally planned what he was doing, did it, then labeled it! It was a Saturday, but I had to send this to his aide! We were all pretty pleased with it! Its so fun to watch this boy learn.  I know its things he's known WAAAAY sooner than he's able to show it, so its fun to watch it all come together for him.  He works so very very very hard.  

Kanyon has been OBSESSED with drawing eyebrows for a while now. It cracks me up.  Here is an eagle complete with eyebrows of course! 

Jaylie June and her chief watching basketball together. 

Just a good ol' April day around here.  UGHHH!!!! YUCKY! 

More calving adventures. Kory had a calf that needed to warm up a little bit, so he brought it to the house to stay in the unfinished basement.  Kory is in and out all night long, and while he was gone, I got a text from him really early in the morning that said, "Can you hear the calf in the basement? Is it bellering?" (I don't know how to spell bellering since I'm pretty sure its total slang, but oh well.  You know what I mean.) I texted him back that she was resting and quiet and then I wondered to myself.  "What kind of world do I live in where I get texts asking if the calf in the basement is bellering?!"

The calf spent an nice warm night inside and perked right up.  She was chipper enough to follow Kory out to the pickup to go back out to her Mama.  

One evening we all went with Kory to make a check.  The sunsets are just incredible. 

I stuck my phone out the window and managed to snap this sweet profile of Quinn.  It's good stuff.  

Our friend and babysitter Carley invited Jaylie over to take some pictures before prom.  It was fun to see Carley and her friends all dressed up. Jaylie was pretty impressed and pleased as punch to be included. 

J LOVES her "gunoculars".  Even if they are backwards.  She looks through them and calls out made up numbers like she's reading ear tags.  Its pretty hilarious.  

A little rain shower and then this pretty sight. 

Kory and I had to go to Bozeman one afternoon to consult with one of Kanyon's doctors.  The Crazy Mountains were so beautiful covered with snow! 

Another Saturday morning of work for KLP and klp.  The kids have loved the bottle calves.  With a little help holding (and great timing with the picture taking) kip can feed the calf the end of her bottle.  

I found a bag of hand me downs that Sydni and the girls had given Jaylie, so we got it out and tried on the stuff to see if any of it fit.  Though these 5T PJ's were a little big, this girl was way excited about them! 

Gram and Juney girl (wearing a hand me down dress from the aforementioned bag) coordinated just perfectly at church one Sunday! 

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martha crockett said...

Kan is really making some huge strides--literally! The videos Gay shares with me of him walking make my heart sing. You have done, and continue to do, an awesome job, not only with him, but Q and J, too, Jaymie.

You know I'm determined to make one of those "porch portraits". My fear is that, if I come, it will be painfully hard to leave. I love your ranch life!

BTW, the pic of Q in the sunset--priceless.....

Have I thanked you for doing this blog???? (hahahahaha)