Monday, May 23, 2016

NBA Playoffs and More...

When Quinn is in charge of dressing Jaylie, this is what we get.  

This doesn't happen very often, but she CRASHED in the chair one afternoon.

We were a house divided in the Spurs/Thunder series....Quinn has become a big Spurs fan and loves Kawhi Leonard.  Kan stuck with OKC and KD.  They each wore their jerseys when we went to Gram and Chiefs to watch the games.  Uncle Clint, Ro, and Nolan sent a video to Q about cheering for the Spurs.  He was soooo happy! 

Jaylie enjoys the pampering more than the game.  Gram "paints her face" and it never gets old to June.  

I let them watch a movie one rainy afternoon and, as usual, they sit like this.  Pretty sweet.  

Our small group walked to Dash-Inn to get ice cream one evening after Bible Study.  Its a pretty fun bunch with these kiddos around! 

Every small group night, Mrs. Kimberly paints Juney's fingernails.  She has a billion colors and she usually brings them all or they decide Sunday morning at church which colors she wants her to bring that night to our house.  Its pretty sweet and fun! This night they went for the rainbow look.  

We were playing outside and Jaylie decided her feet were cold.  So she did the only logical thing: went and got my jacket and put the arms of the jacket on her legs/feet.  Duh.  That's what anyone would do, right? 

A friend of a friend had some bum lambs and I am OBSESSED with sheep and lambs.  We jumped at the chance to go see them and feed them! It was so fun and it only solidified my NEED for them in my life! 

I saw this sitting on the table where Kanyon was drawing and I was so happy! When I went to take a picture of it, he said "Mom! I'm not done yet! I haven't drawn Alvin yet." So here you see a nice number sentence along with Simon (complete with glasses) and Theodore.  We are on quite the Alvin and the Chipmunks kick right now.  

We went out to the Ostreich's house to shoot skeet and play.  The boys had fun shooting their bb guns.  

The girls had fun on the swing! 

This was another night of the Spurs/Thunder series.  Q was covering his eyes because the Spurs weren't doing so hot.  

They looked so cute nestled down in the ottoman.  They take the top off, remove the blankets, and they have a cozy spot to watch the game.  The end of the series was a little tough on Q.  He was so disappointed that they lost. He kept saying "Mom a year is so long to wait to watch the Spurs again." I am SO hoping we could take him to a Spurs game next season. If he feels the same way as he did about the team this year, he'll be beside himself to see them in real life! 

Our town has a nice veterans park and Quinn loves it.  He has been asking to go there for weeks, so one Saturday afternoon we did it.  He loves looking at the statues. He requested his picture by some of them.  Here he is with the Air Force one.  

And this Army one we took for Aunt Rae Rae's brother Josh who is Army Special Forces and just deployed this week.  

We gave cousin Jona one of our old swings and I think its safe to say she likes it! Yay for the swing bringing more fun to a new kid! 

We were out checking cows one evening and we saw one of the (former) bottle calves.  He'd been out with his new Mama for a couple of weeks, but as soon as he saw Kory get out of the pick up, he walked right up to him.  It was so sweet.  

J loving the sun roof and making sure her hair was blowing behind her.  

She decided she was Pocahontas.  She got serious about it and even made sure I knew that there were colored leaves flying around her while she looked up like this.  She's a trip.  We all enjoyed watching her channel Pocahontas.  

She figured out how to take selfies.  Help us all.  My camera roll has about 400 extra pictures on it now.  

Duck face is her go-to selfie pose.  Why???????!!

Oh bless this child and the parents attempting to raise her.  

Raspberries! We sent this picture to our friends Mr. Rand and Mrs. Maggie because Jaylie and Rand used to always put them on their fingers.  So its become a "thing" between us now.  

Here's a little calving laundry before/after.  Its just too bad they stay this clean approximately 3 minutes.  

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