Friday, May 20, 2016

Bottle Calves and Grandparents!

We found ourselves in a situation where we had a couple of bottle calves for a few weeks.  Its sort of a mixture of cute and annoying.  The kids just thought it was cute and fun because they only had to feed it when they WANTED to and didn't have to worry about it multiple times a day no matter what the weather or how tired you are.  Kory, on the other hand, knows quite a bit about that.  

He was headed to feed them one morning and had 2 quick volunteers to help him.  So here they are with their bottles headed out.    

Both calves getting a meal at the same time. I'm not sure who is doing the feeding here...I don't even know where this picture came from. 

Kanyon's aide that is AMAZING and THE BEST has twin daughters.  We took them out to see all the baby calves and let them feed them.  Kanyon had so much fun "hosting" them.  

That evening, my parents got here from Texas, so they got to meet Shelley's girls and join the bottle feeding fun. 
The next day was branding for the herd out at the ranch that calved in March.  It just so happened that my parents were in town, so it was fun to have them here for this event.  Dad got put to work and we got to show Mom how it all works.  

Kory doing his thing. (insert heart emoji)

A little lunch break in the shop.  

Cute little brothers Kory and Tye. 

Jaylie was pretty interested/scared of Larry's beard. 

Kory and Wes talking things over as usual. 

I did a little multi-tasking. Gave shots and held a kid. #momlife 

Mom took some pictures so here's a bit of the action.....

Juney girl was watching from the gate. 

The love for Murphy is STRONG. 

It was windy, y'all. 

After lunch some of us headed over to Gram's house to play while they guys finished up the last bit of branding. Here's Gram telling a little story..  

My mom found the most precious PJ's that used to be mine! The elastic had gotten crunchy but she replaced it and brought these for Jaylie. I love them SO MUCH.  

Kory likes to get a picture of #903 for me since its representing my home area code! 

Paw Paw tagged a new little heifer.  

The week with Mom and Dad was great. The weather was pretty rainy so we didn't do a lot of the things we were hoping to do and both of Quinn's baseball games got rained out, but we still had a blast.  Its the best.  
This porch picture is brought to you by Kory's calving attire.  Nasty and smelly and gross.  But as you can see, Jaylie June doesn't mind a bit.  

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martha crockett said...

Loved so many things in both blogs that I can't make a response to each one! However, I can say this. If I were a calf and had to have a shot, I would want Jay to administer!

Loved all these pix, and these peeps, so much!!!