Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Day 37

Today has been another pretty good day. Kanyon's breathing continues to go well for the most part. He has a few "spells" of saturation drops etc. every now and then, but not too often. I think these will happen until he grows up a little more. We are thankful that his lungs are sounding more clear and seem to be maturing. We are very thankful and pray that they continue to mature into big healthy lungs. His feedings are still going well. He's up to 26 cc's!! I sometimes wonder where all that milk goes in that tiny body!

He had his first eye exam today and it went OK. He's not in the "normal" range, but they're going to keep doing the tests frequently to watch his progress. They are checking to see if the blood vessels in his eyes have attached all the way through. His haven't yet, they're still immature. We'll keep praying for them to grow and mature.

They did another spinal tap thing and didn't get much fluid. They were hoping to get more, but like I said last night, this process will take at least a week or two. We are praying that GOD will heal this and dissolve that clot and allow this to fix itself. We ask that you all pray that same prayer. Tonight with our youth group we talked about the story in Acts of GOD delivering Peter from jail by sending the angel and breaking the chains that were holding him down. It mentioned how while he was in jail "the church was earnestly praying to GOD for him". And while they were praying, Peter came to them to tell them he was out of jail and tell them how GOD saved him. I loved that story tonight because it reminded me of our situation and how we have so many people praying earnestly to GOD for Kanyon. It reminds us of the hope of deliverance from this and the confidence that GOD can do it. Thank you for praying for all of these little battles we face daily as well as the situation as a whole. We can't wait to come to you and show you our healthy boy and tell people how GOD saved him!
I have decided to post some pictures! I am still waiting on the ones of Kory holding him..the hospital has to email them to me. But I had some others I thought I would share. Enjoy!

Here he is in his big boy bed. The fun nurses hung his little turtle up in there like a mobile!

Precious little face!

Here he is snoozing through our kangaroo time! I guess he likes the pouch!

This is one of his nurses Melissa. We're putting him back in his bed after being held. You have to look at his mouth..he's in the middle of a huge yawn!! If I was Rachel I would know how to zoom this in to see his mouth better, but you'll just have to get a magnifying glass out!

I think this might be a wink...maybe for some of his future Reese and Ava who are only days younger than him! I've told him about these pretty girls, so he wanted me to send this wink their way!


Anonymous said...

Jaymie, how precious he is. I'm so excited that Korey was finally able to hold him. You are in our thoughts and prayers so many times during the day and night. I can't wait to see Daddy with his little man.
Lesa B.

Lynnie said...

Our God is so awesome. Read this to Kanyon: "The Lord your God is with you. He is mighty to save. He will take great delight in you, he will quiet you with his love, he will rejoice over you with singing." (Zeph. 3:17) Kanyon is so brave to be in his big boy bed. I love the turtle. And I love seeing you glow when you hold him. I look forward to photos of father and son. Not to mention Gay holding one of her crowning glory. Love you all.

Anonymous said...

Milk does do a body good! You can see the progress he has made, just in the pictures! He is so handsome Jaymie (Coy always wanted me to call Mason handsome!) I love seeing the pics. You do glow when you hold him. Thanks for sharing the pics. and can't wait to see more.
Love ya-

Anonymous said...

Precious pictures. I am so glad you all have been able to hold your little miracle. He is so sweet. I will keep prayers going for his health and your peace.
Love ya,

Kristie Lee said...

So sweet to get to see you holding Kanyon again! Can't wait for pictures of Daddy and Gay! Still praying for him everyday! Love you guys! Kristie Lee

alison said...

our little man is getting so big! sorry i missed ya last night. i'll call u tonight when u have minutes...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Grow, grow, grow, little Kanyon! Jaymie, you look so wonderful holding that sweet baby. Your smile is so comforting and I know that your voice and touch is to Kanyon. We will continue to pray! God is so good!

Karl and Andrea

Anonymous said...

My kids, David (5) and Gracie(3) have been praying every night for "Baby Kanyon! They had me print off pictures of him and we taped them up next to their beds so they won't forget to pray for him. David also prays, "God,please help Kanyon's mommy and daddy to be strong and brave."
David would like to send Kanyon a card, is there an address we could mail it to?
We have you in our prayers.
David, Gracie, Lynda (mom) and Garrett(dad)Sander
Grants Pass, Oregon
Rogue River Church of Christ

Robyn said...

It's very hard to check the site and not leave a comment each time to let you know we're praying for Mr. Kanyon and y'all, too. Jaymie, each day as you watch for and pray for and witness God's care for Kanyon, He's using y'all as well, in many ways, and I hope you know y'all are an encouragement to us in each post. Tears came to my eyes here as I read what y'all talked to the youth about, about Peter's rescue from prison. (I just had to pause for some in-house police work (trespassing in unauthorized locations of the house by a four-year-old), but the culprit is in custody and seems interested in art now, so we're fine.) Anyway, as always, we're praying for Kanyon!

Blessed Assurances said...

Sweet pictures and did you know you can click on the picture to see it up close and personal. I just tried it and I got to see Kanyon's HUGE YAWN!

We continue to pray without ceasing! The funny thing about that Peter story, the other day I was driving in the car listening to Christian talk radio while praying for you guys. The sermon was on Peter and the jail bust-isn't it funny how God intertwines both of our lives with the same story. I have been praying that we would pray with firm belief and when Kanyon comes "knocking on the door" to go home that we would not be like the the people praying on the inside who did not believe Peter was released, may we have no doubt that God is working in us and in Kanyon's little life.

God is holding Kanyon in the palm of His hand and continues to piece his body together one step at a time.

I love you sweet couz!

Cheryl said...

Kanyon is precious! I am praying for his continued progress. God is so good!
Cheryl Hawthorne

Jodi said...

Love the turtle! And that yawn! And his little mouth! And those long fingers! Ok, I guess I just love EVERYTHING! Such sweet pictures... he has changed so much! Still praying night and day... Love you!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for sharing! I love the pictures! You all remain in our prayers. God is good and He loves you all so much. Where would we be without Him?
Mardelle Hoch
Lewistown, MT

Anonymous said...

We enjoyed the pictures. We look forward for each update. We are thankful for the progress and pray that he continues to gain and improve. It's amazing how the Bible can come alive to fit our every need. We keep you in our prayers. Sue and I enjoy visiting your blog. Sue anxiously awaits the day when Kanyon can go home with you and enjoy being at home with his parents. He has so much for which to look forward.
Sue and Lynda

Anonymous said...

What great news about Kanyon! I think about him always and pray for you all daily! It's so exciting to open up the website at night and find those sweet pictures of your precious family! Know I am praying daily for each of you! God is SO good, isn't He?

We love you, Kory, Jaymie and Kanyon!
The Krupas