Friday, May 4, 2007

Day 38 & 39 post yesterday! But, we do have some news today. Kanyon's Dr. called this morning and said that he has decided that he needs to go to Dallas to see a neurosurgeon there. His hydrocephalus which is the fluid on in his brain is not getting better. They haven't been able to draw any fluid out and his soft spot is still bulging. SO...the transfer team from the hospital in Dallas is coming to get him either tomorrow or Sunday. We're still not sure. The surgery procedure they are doing will help relieve some of the pressure in his head by creating a way to draw out some of that fluid from his head instead of from his back like they've been trying to do.

I will attempt to explain it the best I know in my unmedical way. They are going to insert a small tube down in the ventricle. Then they will have a "reservoir" like a bubble or balloon just under his skin. With this, they will be able to drain the fluid into the reservoir as needed. It will stay in there for a while so that they can tap it whenever they need to. Hopefully, this will give him more time to allow the clot to resolve on its own and therefore allow the flow of that fluid to resume. If by the time he's 4-4 1/2 lbs the clot has still not resolved and they're having to draw a lot out of his head still, then they will decide what step to take next.

I feel pretty good about the procedure and I know he's in very good hands, but the moving and readjusting will be a lot for him to handle. Please pray that not only the surgery goes well, but that this does not disrupt his progress with his breathing and eating (which are both going pretty well right now). Our hope is that this will help fix this problem and we can move past this and move on! Please keep the little guy in your prayers over the next few days. Pray for safe travel there, successful surgery, and a quick recovery!

Right now they would like to do all of this Monday and he could be back here in Longview by Wednesday. But, we don't know exact days and times for all of this, so we'll keep everyone posted the best we can...that might mean the return of Rachel the Family Blogger!!

He was held a lot today and I think that did us all a lot of good. He looks great and is doing well, so if we can get this behind us, we may just TAKE OFF! :) Thanks for everything!


Anonymous said...

Phillips family,
We will continue our prayers for the entire family. Dallas doctors have done wonderful things for our family. We are confident that all will be just as planned or even better. Keep us informed. We wonder who enjoys the holding more: Kanyon, parents, or grandparents? We love you.
Sue and Lynda

Anonymous said...

I am praying for this proceedure to do the trick and for all of the doctors and medical team as well as the pilots flying the plane taking him there and back. He is a strong little boy and making great strides and I don't expect that to change now.

Continue to know where your strength comes from and Who is in charge. He is the great physician and will do the very best for Kanyon.

They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength, they shall rise up on wings like eagles. They shall walk and not grow weary and they shall run and not faint.

God continue to bless all of you.

Elaine Folding

Linda Ford said...

We will be praying really hard for Kanyon as he makes the trip to Dallas and for the doctors there to perform the necessary treatments. We are praying for you, Jaymie and Kory also!!

Love, Tim and Linda

Paige said...

We will be praying!

Ricky said...

We will pray that no trip to Dallas will be necessary. May God surprise us all. May God surprise the super smart doctors. May God surprise his people praying earnestly.
I don't have all the answers, and i'm not mr superspiritual. I join the earnest prayer of the church to deliver Kanyon from whatever chains are holding him down, and release him... and may God's name be glorified.
Praying hard with the church to the creating, sustaining, and healing God...
Love you guys, let us know if there's anything you need from us!
God is good, He is faithful,
Ricky and Cindy

Jr. & Christie Cox said...

Wanted to let you guys know that Kanyon is going to have a new roomie at Good Shephard. Stephanie Helms from our church had a little girl last night a little over 2 months premie. She is the sister to Nick Helms that some of you know. Please put her into everyone's prayers as well. We will continue praying for Kanyon.

Anonymous said...

My prayers will continue to go up for Kanyon and for the rest of your family as he prepares for his surgery. I am so appreciative of Rachel and her willingness to keep us updated so that we can be praying specifically. May God's peace rest with you all today.

Jeff Christian

Lynnie said...
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Lynnie said...

I stand in agreement with Ricky and Cindy. And like the statement by Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego when faced with the fiery furnace, "even if he does not" choose to prevent the travel, we will trust in the Great Physician. Rest in the truth that you have a powerful "Travel Companion" and He is in control of all things. We love you - let us know if you travel to Big D, so we Fort Worth folks can come with some hands on prayer and love.

Anonymous said...

We will be saying extra prayers for all three of ya'll! Hang in there and know he is in great care! Thinking about you always.

Scott & Christina Moffitt

The McCarter Family said...

Praying always!