Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Hats and Friends

As I uploaded these pictures and tried to come up the dreaded title (I hate doing titles but I feel like I have to!), I realized this post has lots of pictures of hats and friends so here we go starting with friends.

This is our new FRIEND Holly. She and her husband just moved to Longview. They are the ones I told you about who had the 28 weeker. Little Addison is weighing it at more than 3 lbs. and has done really well. Keep them in your prayers, it is a long road! As you can see by Kanyon's face, we really like them! I think he's trying to butter Holly up because he thinks Addison is cute!

This is Patrick-Holly's hubby and Addison's daddy. He shot up to the top of Kanyon's FRIEND list when he let kp eat his HAT!!! yummy! Back to Addison. She got moved up to IMC so we could see her through the window. We were so happy to see her and she is SOOO cute! We can't wait to see her on THIS side of that window! Soooo while we were there we stopped in to say hello to our NICU FRIENDS. We got to see Ellen our IMC nurse but I was so busy trying to make Kanyon smile for HER camera that I forgot to get a picture of them!! UGGHH!! But, we did get to see Nurse Amanda. She slapped that yellow robe on pretty fast so she could hold this man. We think she and her other night shift buddies are to blame for Kanyon's night owl-ness (yes that is a word)! They must have had lots of fun during those nights.
Dr. Chris happened to be in so we got to visit with him. They go way back. He may be Kanyon's first FRIEND.
Not hats or friends, but family. We go over to my Aunt Mary Lynn and Uncle Steve's house quite a bit and the other night, Mary Lynn got out her old baby walker she used with her three boys. It's a throw back retro walker...her youngest boy is 17!! It is perfectly fun for Kanyon and he's learning out how make it move.
This is our great FRIEND Jill!!! I love this picture because I think she and Kanyon have the same smile on!
Jill with her son Grayson and Mark and Amy's daughter Mallory...these are 2 of Kanyon's bestest FRIENDS!
Kanyon has always had a close friendship not to mention Look-a-like with monkeys. Here he is with the monkey rug. I think they have the same smile on too! OK now for HATS. Kanyon loves loves loves loves to eat hats. Wonder if I could hat feed him instead of spoon feed him??? Ok, sorry...just had that thought.
Here he is inspecting.....

then devouring my hat.
Since it fits the theme, I included these pictures. My great friend Jenna (mother of Kanyon's lovely lady Reese) moved to North Carolina so her husband Matt could do his residency at Duke. We wanted to send Reese a little Blue Devil greeting. It didn't go as planned. All he wanted to do was take the hat off and eat it!

I'm mentally planning a "FEEDING KANYON" post, so if you have any questions now is your chance!


Fosters said...

Oh, Jaymie......these pictures just tickle me so much.......I can't wait to be updated on his eating habits.....it just feels so good to continue to see the progress Kanyon is making. Give both your boys a big hug for me! Love, Marilyn

Jenna said...

I loved that post!! And I especially appreciate the Duke shout-out from Kanyon. Reese thinks Kanyon looks so handsome with that hat on. Maybe they can go to college together at Duke...and then get married. Just a thought...

Jenna said...
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Anonymous said...

Dear Jamie,
I'm so glad that you opened this window into your life. I'm so sorry for asking you the silly questions and for giving you silly advice. I had no idea what the 'simple job of feeding an infant' is like in your world. Please forgive me. Thank you so much for opening our eyes to just what is going on with Kanyon and his mom and dad. You and Cory are incredible and you just don't know it. I would love to help, but just don't know how. For right now, know that Richard and I do pray for yall. You know, I always said that kids are like puzzles. Just when you think you have it all put together, you find that you are missing a piece. Sometimes it's a major piece, and sometimes it's just a little piece that doesn't allow for the picture to be complete. There's always a missing piece, in my experience. That's because their lives are not static...they are always changing, growing, living, etc. God bless you three. Love, Vicky P