Monday, September 22, 2008

My Little Escape Artist

You've seen Kanyon wear the blue brace on his left hand. He doesn't use his left arm much, it is a little tight, and his left hand stays tight in a fist. The brace is supposed to keep his hand open which ideally would make it easier to use and encourage him to use it more. It keeps his hand open, but we have one small problem......klp eats it off.

Not because he's uncomfortable or bothered, but because he's obsessed with chewing on the velcro straps. The instant I put his brace on, he has a one track mind set to get to that velcro. His aggressive chewing and gnawing is what causes the brace to come we are....

He literally did AS SOON as I put it on....."YESSSSSS!!!!!!"

"What Mom? Don't get mad, I'm just gonna chew on it a little" (can you tell he just woke up...puffy eyes!)
"yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum"
"Hee Hee! This stuff is GOOOOD!"
"HA HA I got it!!!! Look at me now!"
As you saw, it completely comes off and does him NO good. So I had to come up with a way to stop him. I knew that taping or pinning the straps down would only make him eat the tape or pins. I eventually came up with a sleeve to go over it. I used a little blue sock and cut it so that it goes over the brace so that there is nothing to chew on.

"AHHH COOOOL MOM! A new brace!"
"I'll just reach over here and grab my velcro str......hey...wait a minute.."
" Ok, maybe I can just get it with my teeth...."
"You big meany"
"WAIT! I found it!" At this point, he found the strap underneath the sock and was working on pulling it through the sock.

"Ugghhh...ummmph.....rrrrrrrr.....I just can't get it!"
You can see the strap poking up under the sock..he worked so hard.
"Get that camera out of my face you party pooper!"
Luckily Kanyon doesn't hold a grudge. I think he's over being mad at me and the sock thing is actually working.


ali said...

that was clever!

Sue H. said...

Score one for mom!

Bevin said...

He is so cute!!

martha crockett said...

Ollie the Therapy Dog! With all the work Kanyon has to do to keep him in his sights, he gets some great exercise!
You are one ingenious cookie with your new brace covering.

Chelsa said...

these pictures are too cute! i love his facial expressions!

Erin Faubus said...

My favorite part is your commentary with the pictures...I can just hear you saying all of those things. Good idea with the sock. When I was a baby my mom used to put socks over my hands to keep me from sucking my THAT'S mean!

allyo said...

Fun blog. I laughed through the whole thing! He is a cutie!

Molly Woodall said...

What a mischievious little look in his eyes!
A therapy dog...a therapy sock...Mom you are working that little boy too hard!
Go Go Gadjet!

Silverthornes said...

Good call mom! Don't you just love it when you are forced to be clever :)

Jodi said...

Seriously, he is hilarious!!!

sharon said...

you are so resourceful. there's just no end to what you can do with a sock...or some scotch tape. :) i know i've yet to meet this little man, but i seriously LOVE him! and you!

Kyla said...

Hey, way to be creative with the sock! Maybe you just need to give Kanyon a piece of velcro to chew on that's not attached to his brace! :) That's too funny. He really is one of the cutest kids I've ever seen. Love him!