Friday, September 5, 2008

Labor Day Weekend

We just had a blast in Paris for Labor Day. Our whole crew was there plus, Greens, Spencers, Colliers, and Deans. Not everyone was there the whole time, but there was always a crowd. We all went out to my parents' lake (I say lake, but its not like a major lake, but its big enough to yank each other around on wake boards, wake skates, skis, or even an old school knee board!). Dad and his buddies built an awesome little cabin there so we have a place to put the kids down, eat, and get out of the sun.

Here is Clay modeling for the SeaDoo company. I don't know why they don't hire him. No one gets better "lake hair" than Clay.

Funny Daddy
Here we are
Flashback to last year at Labor Day. This was Kanyon's first trip out of the house since coming home from the hospital!
Back to this year...the bathing beauties with a few kids.
I liked all the kids in this one. Daddy Day Care
If you keep up with Clint and Rachel's blog, you'll know that they are the suppliers of tatoos. So...Kanyon had to get a big ol' tough cobra on his chest. It wiped off within minutes. I think I messed up when I put it on.
Here is part of the group. We never did get a complete group picture the whole weekend. At the lake on Saturday there were 10 kids and the oldest one was barely 2. Can you imagine the noise. There was always someone crying, but it was fun. All the kids did great and if one cried, someone would just pick it up no matter whose kid it was! The only bad thing was all the babies (kanyon included) came back sick with a cold, but that's OK. We had fun.
This is a neat picture to me. Adam's family, our family, and Eric's family all grew up going on vacations together and going to visit each other. Their parents are some of my parents' best friends. I am so thankful that now we are doing this together and our kids are getting to grow up together like we did. Special thanks to Eric and Amber who drove 5+ hours!
Kanyon is showing Cousin Caden (Adam and Doodle's son) how to really use the bouncy seat. Notice how pasty white Kan looks next to Caden.

Since these were the only boys in the crew, they had to stick together. You'll notice the tongue and wrinkly nose on Kanyon. I think the snotty nose was beginning to settle in already.
Sweet cousins....5th cousins, I think, but they'll never know that. They'll think they're first cousins!

Kanyon was glad someone was there that is smaller than him so he could show off. He thinks he's so cool. I'm pretty sure Caden was impressed.

kp showing us his surfer moves.

kp and caden escaping from all the girls again.
The boys shot skeet one evening and Roselyn joined the fun.

After church Sunday I saw this. I think this is the first time they've done this. First of millions I'm sure.
Kan got lots of time with PawPaw. My mom's back is hurt so she had to share with Dad. He gave Kanyon lots of much needed chill time when things got crazy at the house.
This picture shows a piece of the action. I just love it because you see how much is going on in the room and this isn't even half the group. I wish we had a recording of the noise. It was just too fun! Yes, that is Clay looking in Amber's mouth. There were 5 dentist in the group, so spontaneous dental exams happen.
Dad, Ayelan, Avery, and Buddy headed out for a ride on the mule.
These are all of the littlest babies except Auburn, she was asleep. I know all of these in this picture are sick now...still haven't heard if Auburn escaped the germs. Nora, Landry, Caden, Kanyon.
These are the big girls: Roselyn, Avery, and Ayelan. They were SOOOO sweet and so much fun to watch all weekend.

For those of you that know Eric and are wondering...yes, he's still the same:
Here is another group picture right before everyone left Club Kerby on Monday --it was our last bit of fun for the weekend. We had the BEST time!!!


Jennifer said...

Hey Jaymie! It's Jennifer (Guess) Rigoulot from our days at ACU. It looks like y'all had a great weekend! Hope to see you when Beth and Jarod get married!!

Liis said...

Love the pictures!

Hilary said...

Love all the pictures..looks like everyone had a great time!

Silverthornes said...

good times!

Jessica said...

That looks like so much fun!!! I love the old school jet ski. My parents have one of those and we love it!
My favorite pics are the ones of the boys in their matching outfits.

Charlotte said...

Jaymie, I love your blog! :) I feel like I'm in touch with you guys....and that's a wonderful thing. Blessings to you three! Love, Charlotte Connally

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big he has gotten! We miss you and still think about you often. I hope things continue to go well. Come see us and/or we will come see you!
Love ya,
Brandi B.

Ramey and Stephanie said...

Hey Jaymie! Your little guy is a cutie! Glad we found each other's blogs! You've been in my prayers the past year. Maybe we'll cross paths again in Paris soon! I did watch Julie on the news (when we had cable) and I saw that she got married! Take care of that sweet boy!