Friday, September 19, 2008

Kanyon & Ollie

I've shown a few pictures of our dog Ollie on the blog, but today, it is all about him (and Kanyon of course!).

It was a LONG time before we let Ollie in the house after Kanyon came home. Once we did, he didn't really seem to care too much about Kanyon. He would sniff him and then kinda move on. Lately though, they've started to have a lot more to do with each other. I took my camera on our walk the other night just in case kp decided to reach for Ollie again. I snapped the moment the best I could. I love this tiny hand!

Here is a cute one of them chillin' while I ate my lunch the other day.
PLAYTIME! Kanyon follows Ollie wherever he goes. Not like crawling or chasing him, but watching him and trying to find him constantly. When Ollie is near, kp wants nothing more than to reach out and pet him. Here was a little play time between the two of them. It is kind of confusing because I try not to let Ollie lick kp (though it has happened) so I'm randomly shouting "NO! OLLIE!" but whatever...they still have fun!

Licking kp's hand...oops.
kp trying to sit up to reach Ollie
I think Ollie was being mean...he kept circling the bouncy just chased him.
YES I wash Kanyon's hands after he gets licked....don't worry.
NO Kanyon does not sit in his bouncy seat all day. I feel like lately I have had billions of pictures on here of him in his seat. Though he probably would sit in it all day, this boy has work to do. BUT I think its easy to take pictures when he's in there because he's still and can't get out.

I have some other posts coming soon....after the mega feeding post that has been up for a week, I figured I'd better do some shorter ones! By the way, thanks for your encouraging comments. That is not why I put it up there, but it was nice to read so many supportive and thoughtful words.


tleaf10 said...

cute pics! It looks like they are good buddies already!

Anonymous said...

That first picture is one of my very favorite pictures EVER!!!!! I LOVE that sweet little hand.

Molly Woodall said...

Awww that precious little hand. You know...they use sweet dogs like Ollie for therapy all the time. He and Kanyon are surely best friends for life!