Tuesday, December 29, 2009

All Things Quinn

Quinn Man is 3 weeks old today, so I thought I might should tell you a little bit about him :

  • He is not jaundice anymore. His levels were down by his 2 week check up.
  • He still sleeps most of the day, but he's starting to have more awake times
  • He sleeps at night too
  • He eats about every 2 hours. 2 1/2 if I'm lucky It still takes a long time to feed him, so pretty much at night I sleep one hour at a time. YIKES!! :)
  • He has my mouth (so does Kanyon)
  • Other than the mouth, I don't think he looks like Kanyon
  • He has no eyebrows
  • He had his first bath...today...on his 3 week bday...don't judge....bathing isn't big deal around here
  • He has so much gas. I feel terrible for him. He gulps so much air when he eats and no matter how I try to help him, he ends up in pain. I try mylicon, but its only so good. I'm hoping he figures out how to eat without eating air. Then I think he'd eat more and go longer between eating. Poor baby.
  • He's pooped on me twice.
I'm still being spoiled by great help. Kory's family has been here and his mom will be here for another week. It has been so great and I feel like I've had it so easy. I've gotten to sit and hold this baby boy and that has been so great. My Dr. says I still can't lift Kanyon, so I have to have someone around with me. Kanyon is having some good days and some bad days, but we'll get settled once I can lift and take care of that big boy by myself. Until then, we're dealing with whining and fits like I've never seen.

Here is the little bambino with his peepers open!


Kate said...


He is such a cute little guy! I'm glad you have a lot of help from family and enjoyed Quinn's first Christmas!

Sydni said...

I guess every post will just about kill us until we get to meet him... posts like this one are so great. They really are informative! I'm glad Q has your mouth. He is so cute!

This won't help or anything, but Hayven is really getting with the fits too... ...

Erin Westrom said...

The bath comment is funny. Ella's lucky if she gets a bath once a week (she's 2 1/2 months old now). Josh gripes at me b/c I don't bathe her often enough, but bathing the boys takes precedent over her!! BTW, he's a cutie.

Amy said...

Been thinking about you guys and just got caught up on your blog. Congratulations on beautiful baby Quinn! He is just precious. So happy for you guys. Kanyon looks like such a sweet brother, what a blessing they both are.
Take care!

Leah (Galloway) Flores said...

He's beautiful! I can't wait for our birthday brothers to meet one another. Maybe this summer!

Brooks Family said...

so sweet! just some friendly advice about the gas...try gripe water. you can get it at health food stores. it's a homeopathic thing my mom found when i had garrett cause he was terribly gassy. it worked for me and i'm sure mary used it for weston too.

Go To Girl said...

Hi Jaymie -

Congrats on this beautiful boy! Our little Finn had terrible gas, too. We did the Mylicon and the GripeWater, and everyone said to watch the dairy (which he has no problem with). I knew obvious things would bother him (broccoli, beans), but it was my chiropractor that finally helped us out by going through everything I was eating with me. I was eating lots of salads and fresh veggies, which I guess was just too much ruffage for the little guy. Since I've gone to only cooked veggies and only boring ones like green beans and carrots, he has been SO much better.

Good luck!

Marianne said...

Can I just say that this boy is beautiful?!?! His fingers look so long in this picture. Can anyone say, "Spencer"? Kory's are long, too, I believe. He should have no trouble palming a basketball. Can't wait to see him. Enjoy the good help while you have it!

Love you!

The McCarter Family said...

Don't think I've commented since this sweet boy was born, so first let me say CONGRATS on such a healthy little boy! You are so blessed with family on both sides to help you this first few weeks! Its hard with two babies! In the pic he looks like he's saying "What up?" with his hands like that! I think he looks so much like you...not just the mouth! Praying the gas will get better...we tried the Gripewater too and it seemed to help more than the mylicon...love yall!

Hicks Family said...

He is really cute. The fits will get better!

Sheridie said...

He's so cute! & I LOVE his name! I'm feeling YOUR pain with all the gas. My Brody is 2 1/2 months old & we're still dealing with it. (Not to discourage you. I'm sure Quinn will be WAY better before 2 1/2 months.) Baths are not a top priority at my house for Brody either. He's lucky if he gets one once a week now. Forget about them when he was tiny like Quinn. :) Enjoy your sweet baby boy (& all the help). :)

Molly Woodall said...

He's such a doll! I know you are loving the time you get to just hold him.
Enjoy the help...we all need it!
Love you 4!

High Heels and Huntin' Boots said...

He is precious! I can't get over what a dark complexion he has! Can't wait to meet him!

Shanna said...

SWEET BOY!!! That is the cutest pic!!!

erin f. said...

I was so happy to meet little Quinn. He is such a beautiful sweet baby, I could have cuddled him all day long.

I think Ellie really sucked a lot of air too when she was that little but she got the hang of it pretty quick and started going longer. I think I have blocked out most of her first month so I don't remember already!

Love you and your boys!

Jodi said...

I betcha can get Gripe Water at Walmart or Target. Ask the pharmacist b/c I found it behind the counter at Target once. I know for sure they have it at BabiesRUs. It also gets rid of hiccups.... a SAVIOR at our house with both girls.

Ok, on to important things.... he is so absolutely handsome! And girl, I do NOT say that to all Moms because it is not always true. But he IS and I want to squeeze him!!!

Praying for less big brother stress, less baby gas, and more Mommy sleep. Love y'all!!!!! :)