Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Post

I feel like there is a monkey on my back until I get the "Christmas Post" done. So I'm doing it now.

The weekend before Christmas we headed to Paris for a little Christmas with the Hobbs crew. Quinn was thrilled to meet his family less than 2 weeks after he was born.

Cousin Julie

Aunt Mo (and quinn's newest cousin that is due this summer)!!

Cousin Taryn

Whoopsy this was supposed to be later, but Christmas Eve he got to meet the Spencer side of the family and loved it! Here he is with cousin Robin.

Our dear friends the Pruitts came by while they were in town and it was SOOOOO good to see them. We miss them like crazy and were so glad Quinn got to meet them.

Cooper and Kanyon

Haha Coop got caught picking his nose!!!

Just before Christmas, Kory's parents and brother got here from Montana! Quinn meeting Gram and Chief for the first time (not on skype)

Christmas morning, Kory and Tye made waffles. It was quite an ordeal til Susan got in there and took over. We appreciated the boys' idea and willingness, but we appreciated Susan's product a little better.

Santa came and brought Kanyon a tool bench. Who better to teach him how to use the screw driver than Chief. Notice Kanyon's face...that is his concentration face...mouth open. I LOVE IT!

Gram and Chief gave klp some new boots (pardon the pants happens)
'Ya think he likes his boots!!??!!

My little Christmas boys

klp giving "bu bu" a kiss

We braved the frigid temps and went outside to swing. Unfortunately, the Montana bunch didn't get any break from the cold while they were down here.

Not sure if it was post Christmas let down, the cold weather, or the lull of the swing, but klp turned into a zombie when he got in his swing!
Gram has gotten suckered into a few rides on the Tryke. klp doesn't care how cold it is, he needs to ride AT LEAST once a day! :)
A card game is always in the works when the Phillips crew is together. They're teaching Kanyon already!

Uncle Tye headed back to MT and a few days later, Wes left a few days after Tye. Susan is still here with us and will be for another week. We appreciate the boys for leaving the ranch to come see us and we REALLY appreciate the guys that fed the cows for them (Marilyn, I know you read this, so tell Eldon THANK YOU SOOOO much! We loved having Chief here!). Here are Gram and Chief with their grandsons. As you can see, Quinn was sad Chief was leaving....or he had gas. Or maybe both.

We go next weekend to my parents' for our family Christmas. Should be fun. Until then, I'll continue with our wild and crazy New Year's Eve. It must be wild and crazy if I'm blogging at 10:00. Actually, there is no way I'd rather spend it this year than at home with just my 3 boys.

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Fosters said...

Amen, Amen, Amen!!! It's so wonderful to see you with your beautiful family enjoying each other.......getting a peek into your Christmas is such a treat....thank-you! Eldon was so happy to be able to lend a hand....there's no greater gift than getting to meet another grandchild! Hugs to each of you and tell Gram that I've sure been thinking of her! love, M