Saturday, December 12, 2009

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaack!

A big THANK YOU to my sis in law Rachel for once again keeping the blog going when I can't. She did great and it was so fun to read all the comments and stuff when we got home. Little Quinn (and his whole family) are surrounded by some pretty amazing friends! Thank you!

We came home Thursday afternoon and have been settling in ever since. I am still very sore, but reminding myself that these sorts of things just take time. My parents are here saving the day by playing with Kanyon and keeping things going at the house. Kory is of course tons of help to me and Kanyon. Being the wild man that Kanyon is, we don't get too close to each other, he doesn't know that my stomach just got cut open and OUCH! He's doing great though and still not paying much attention to the little blanket wrapped burrito that just stole his mommy. Quinn is doing what newbies do and doing them all well. Eating (when we can keep him awake), sleeping, and pooping. I'm pretty sure his beautiful skin tone = jaundice, but we'll find out Monday. Hopefully it won't be.

The name thing was kinda funny. We had it narrowed down to 3 names going into the day. None of them were Quinn. We had 2 of Kory's favs and my favorite. We pretty quickly ruled out one, that we both agreed didn't fit the baby boy we just had. We thought we'd just pick one of the two favorites...ya know...battle it out! We couldn't. It just didn't feel right having one of us "give in". We had given ourselves a goal of naming him by bedtime Tuesday. At 11 pm we were getting nowhere. Then Kory said, "Well, what about some of the other names we liked, like Quinn" At that exact second a commentator came on ESPN with the last name Quinn! We both thought it sounded good and that it fit him, but we were too nervous to make the call that night. So we slept on it and the next morning we made the final call. It was funny when we called our parents and brothers to tell them because they were expecting one of 2 names and we threw them a curve ball with a name we hadn't mentioned in months! Its not a family name, we just liked it. Spencer (for those of you who don't know) is my maiden name (and Jayde's middle name too). So, there you have it. Quinn Spencer Phillips.

I thought I'd post a few pics off of our camera and ones from the last couple of days.

The weigh in:

This is the bundle they brought and held up to my face.
Not sure what they were doing here, I'll have to ask Kory.

When they finally let me out of the bed we enjoyed nice romantic walks down the hall. SHEESH I was sore! One of Kanyon's NICU nurses (actually Intermediate Care nurses) works part time at this hospital and she took care of Quinn and got to see Kanyon. That was kinda fun.

klp giving qsp a good night kiss.

Mommy giving her big boy a good night kiss

We're HOME!

Uncle Clint brought this outfit to the hospital...he made a special trip to the store once he knew it was a boy. We had to wear it home despite its hugeness. And it was really cold, so we bundled him up with blankets. ( you and Parker recognize the blue sports blanket!!??)

He already looks so different from this picture!

Happy big brother!


Here's the little bundle Thursday night. Its fun to watch him change these first few days home.
Classic dad pose.

oh MAN I love a swaddled baby!

Thanks again for your prayers leading up to this event and for sharing in our joy! We are beyond thankful.


Jodi said...

In Reagan-speak... HOLY MOLY SPICY GUACAMOLE!! He is so PRETTY!!! And you can say that about newborn boys, right? What do I know.... I'm a Girl Mom. Anyways, he is!!!!!

Hope the settling-in thing is going well! You are at least faking well if not! And the soreness thing hopefully gets better and better each day. I tell ya, it is HARD recovering from surgery with a newborn, much less with a 2.5 year old at home. Hang in there!!! LOVE Y'ALL!!!

Seriously, looking at that last pic again... SO PRETTY!!!! Kiss qsp from me!

Anonymous said...

oh he is beautiful!!! i love his cheeks!! congrats!!!
yay! & what a pefect big bro mr. kanyon is!!! & jaymie you look great by the way!!!
congratulations to all! :)

christina moffitt

Kate said...


That is one beautiful baby! He looks so sweet sleeping peacefully! The name Quinn just seems to fit him so well. I'm so thankful that he is here and healthy and you all are doing well! Kanyon looks like such a proud big brother. Congratulations!!

Kelli said...

He is SO beautiful and cute, Jaymie! I am so happy for y'all, and I love the name Quinn - it definitely fits! He is so cute!

Paige said...

I immediately noticed the blanket! I can't wait for Parker to see it in the morning. Jaymie, he is beautiful. Take it easy and soak up the help. You just had surgery (been there) with a little one, LET THEM HELP YOU! AND don't feel guilty. Rest as much as you can. I can't wait to meet Quinn. I love the name. Oh, I think I have said that before. LOVE YOU!

Sydni said...

I'm glad you're back and I hope the soreness goes away soon. I don't know anything about dealing with surgery plus a newborn! You played that really well that no one had to "give in" on the name. I wish so badly that my maiden name could have worked for (at least) a middle name with our kids. It doesn't mean that I love my side any less, I promise! Sleepy, swaddled babies - doesn't get any sweeter.

Thanks for posting because I know what a sacrifice it is to get that done (well, it is for me, so it's probably not for you...).

We're beyond thankful as well.

jasonandchaney said...

I am so thankful that you guys had a short stay at the hospital this time. Glad you are home and everyone is doing well.

Natalie said...

Regarding baby names, we too had to sleep on it. June wasn't named until a day later, so we appreciate others who are "thoughtful" about the name...even though my mom reminded me that was what the last 9 months were for. Ha! Loving little Quinn! Spencer grandchildren count: 3 girls, 3 boys, right? Who'll break the tie now?

Cindy said...

Now I REALLY cant wait to hold him! He is so darn cute and cuddly! Hope you are doing well. We will see ya in about a week!

Hilary said...

Precious..all the pictures!! :)

Kyla said...

I just got all giddy when I saw that there were more baby Quinn pictures posted. I really do love his name so much and the story behind it makes it even better! He is sooooo precious and I love all his dark hair! My baby is getting balder by the day. :) Sorry that you are so sore. I'm praying for you during the healing and transition and no-sleep process you're going through!! It will go by faster than you think I promise. :) Love you!!

annalee said...

jaymie, thinking of y'all SO much as we have our first days at home! quinn could not be any cuter. kanyon is a stinkin' adorable big brother. you guys make me smile:)

Molly Woodall said...

Yet another beautiful baby!
I love his name...just looks like a Quinn!
Please take care of yourself! (Suck up all the help you can!)
Love you 4!

Specks said...

I am loving the family pics and Kanyon cracks me up~ I think him and B could keep each other entertained with how loud they can be....Quinn is positively perfect and gorgeous. You are a glowing mommy as well! I am so, so, so happy for you.

leslee said...

What a beautiful baby and a beautiful family...So happy that everything went so well...I cannot imagine a c section... I remember my transplant and I was afraid I was gonna bust open but I was not taking care of 2 little ones. I know the Phillips are excited to head your way... lots of huggin and kissin.... Can't wait to meet Quinn... I am really curious about the other names... I know it was hard to name Wes. It was so hard that we named Kolin in haste ;) Too bad it fits him.

Leah said...

I am so impressed that you are smiling on your walk down the hall. I was crying for my walks down the hall! I can't imagine having a boy that likes to cuddle and be rough and to keep him away from the tummy. I think Quinn is so pretty!!!

Lemonade Lady said...

Jaymie, you are surrounded by handsome men! God is so good!

Stephanie said...

Chills are running all over me. Thank you Lord is all I can think to say. Thank you. So happy for you guys. He is adorable.
Much love,
Stephanie Boutwell

AmyB said...

Jaymie, he is so sweet!! Congrats!

Marianne said...

Perfect name for a beautiful (handsome) boy. Can't wait to meet Quinn. So thankful that all is well--that you have HELP! Enjoy!!!

Love you!

Scott and Abby Banks said...

I LOVE the name. You have a beautiful family. Congratulations!!!