Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

He's turning into a man. His favorite place in the house is the recliner and he LOVES to use the remote control!

THANKSGIVING! This was a unique year for us, but it was great. It was "my" turn for Thanksgiving and my whole family was in Paris with my mom's side of the family. I couldn't travel that far, so we were stuck here in Longview. BUT so was my dad's mom because all of her kids were with their spouse's families. So instead of traveling with one of her kids, Nanny offered to have a special Thanksgiving with just us. It was GREAT, low key, and fun to spend time with Nanny and just us.

That meant Kory was the man of the house and had to carve the turkey. Nanny gave him a sheet with directions.

She'd never carved one either but she looked on and helped. Kory did a great job on his first turkey!

In the mean time, Kanyon was manning the stairs NON STOP. He's actually doing better at climbing them. Its funny...again, we encourage him to do all of the things his other little cousins get in trouble for.

"I gotta go HOW HIGH?"

First thing the next morning, he had Nanny on the stairs with him. He needs just a little bit of help and enjoys the company.

Not sure where his pants are, but he also liked to come down the stairs on his rear end.

We went on a couple of walks since the weather was so nice.
We came home Thursday night in time for me to get my LAST shot from Mindi!!!! She's been a great shot giver but after 20 somethin' weeks I'm glad our date with this giant needle is over!

Saturday we went out to the Christmas Tree Farm with some of my cousins to cut down our tree. I'm not ready to put it up yet (I just can't get excited about keeping Kanyon out of it for such a long time) but we wanted to make sure we got to cut one down, so its in our garage in water for now.
klp watching closely as KLP cuts it down

and of course taking his turn too!

Phillips Pham with Christmas tree

We ended the weekend with fun things like riding around in the laundry basket

And eating off Daddy's plate. You'd think this kid was a PIG...he is ANNOYING when we eat because he wants our food so bad (he really doesn't though) and loves to dip forks and spoons in and take bites. To prevent gagging and throwing up, we only let him when the plates are empty. The face he's making is SOOOO HIM. When he's concentrating, that's the look we see.


Specks said...

Kanyon, you rock our world~ you are soooooo awesome. I am thinking about you guys so, so much and am so excited about your little one's upcoming arrival. Hugs to you all!

Jodi said...

Kanyon, cutie pie. LOVE all the pics. You light up my day.

SO fun that you got your own special Thanksgiving with Nanny Lu! Greatness!

ONE WEEK FROM TODAY! Can't wait for the fantastic news!!! :) :) :)

rnutt said...

Sounds like you all had a great Thanksgiving-even if it wasn't at Paris.......I am so excited about the new one coming soon and also about how well Kanyon seems to be doing. Will keep you all in our prayers and will check these blogs often now for the big news!!!!!