Monday, December 21, 2009

Pics and Update

Things in the Phillips house are moving right along. Quinn is doing well. The nursing thing has gone pretty well I think. I am very thankful and feel like its been a pretty easy process for us so far. He know what to do and if I can keep him awake, he does it well. He's eating a little more at each feeding and even decides to open his eyes a few times a day. He is terribly gassy which is pretty uncomfortable to him, but he's rockin' right a long. He's gotten lots of cuddle time. I've enjoyed that so much. Thanks to my mom who has been here to pretty much take care of all things Kanyon, its allowed me to get to sit and hold my little one when I want to! :)

Kanyon is doing well. He is eating good and sleeping good. He for sure is having more "fits" and has a harder time than usual accepting NO, but that is all a part of this transition (and living with other people in our house) and I'm sure he'll settle in.

I feel good. I feel like its taken forever, but I guess I just forgot about the whole recovery thing. Every day I'm a little closer to normal and today I sneezed and didn't die from pain in my stomach, so that is good. Sleep is happening in 1-2 hour "naps" at night, but so far I feel fine.

Kory's parents and one of his brothers will be here Wednesday and we can't wait to see them and enjoy Christmas with them.

Here are a few pictures from the last week.

qsp had his eyes open, but I like klp in the background: " Uhhh Mom, I'm right here, why are you taking a picture of THAT?"

sweet Quinn with his eyes open
klp is enjoying all of the baby things.

Quinn was a little bit jaundice, but not enough to do anything, so we spent some time in front of the window sunbathing!

lovin' on baby brother

my boys
we skyped Kory's parents so they could "see" Quinn. It gave them a little something to hold them over til they get here.

Oh man, how sweet is this?
We go to the Dr. tomorrow for his 2 week check up. Hopefully he's packed on some weight. We'll see.


Kyla said...

So glad to hear everyone is doing well! You have a precious family. Quinn couldn't possibly be any more beautiful. :) The video of Kanyon patting Quinn is soooo sweet! Merry Christmas!

erin f. said...

ummmm, can we come see you guys??? we need to see those boys!

The Davis Daily said...

Jamie, Quinn is absolutely precious. Glad here that both boys are eating well. We always think of you and you are always in our thoughts. Have a wonderful Christmas and even better New Year.

Marianne said...

Much TOO sweet! Seriously, he is so precious. Thankful that you are recovering. Not an easy thing! Christmas will be wonderful. So glad that all is well with Quinn. Will pray that the transition is easy for Kanyon. Love you.

Rebekah said...

I loved the update! You and Kory make such beautiful babies! Kanyon and Quinn are both so handsome! I'm so glad things are going well, and I hope you enjoy the holidays!

Specks said...

Oh my word, Quinn is GORGEOUS. I am so happy that you guys are doing well....and Kanyon, you are still as cute as you absolutely can be!

Sydni said...

Thank you for that wonderful update! It sounds and looks as though everything is going well. Does Quinn have your mouth? I know he's his own person, but I just wondered. He's cute,cute,cute!

Kelli said...

Jaymie, he is just precious! I love the pic with Kanyon in the background, he is such a cute big brother! So glad y'all are settling in and enjoying your sweet new addition. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...


kalamazoo said...

Jaymie, Quinn is so precious! I am so happy for you and Kory. Isn't it great not being in the NICU!!! I am so glad that everything went well. Tell Kory hello and kiss my sweet Kanyon for me!
Merry Christmas to your family. Tell them all hello for me!
Love ya!
Kathy Birt

Jodi said...

Oh, I just LOOOOOOOOOVE him!!! Merry Christmas to the Phillips Pham!!! SO much to be thankful for!! Yay!!

Rusty and Ann said...

Congratulations on Quinn! He's a cutie, hope Kanyon is getting used to sharing you! We had a lot of sunbathing, too, this time last month! -Ann Caldwell