Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

Well, the Phillips Pham has been on the move this last week. After the big birthday bash, we did our weekly trip to Dallas then started packing as soon as we got home Wed. evening.

This all started last year when Kan was at eating camp. I was living in a hospital room trying to keep an NG tube down K's throat and begging him to take his STINKIN' bottle....and living in a hospital room. One weekend when Kory came to visit, I said "we're going on vacation when all this is over" well, here we are almost a year later. The timing was perfect though and we had a great little vacation. Kory saved 2 vacation days which I appreciate so much! So, we took off Thursday night after work and met my parents in Mt. Pleasant to give Kanyon to them for the weekend. We headed to Dallas because we had a 6:30 am flight to Lake Tahoe the next morning! My parents had expired Southwest vouchers that they never used, so we payed $50 bucks each (thats the fee if you let them expire) and flew for $100 total round trip! GO SWA!!!

Here we are Thursday night about to leave the little man. I was sad..this is BY FAR the longest I'd ever EVER been away from him. BUT I wasn't worried at all and was looking forward to a fun weekend with Kory. I had a sneaky suspicion that klp was pretty pumped since he was going to his grandparents house!! CHA-CHING!! Everyone wins!

Lake Tahoe was a great place to go! Kory and I have always wanted to go there and it was so great. We went at an interesting time of year, but I think it was good. It was a little snowy for much hiking or biking (trails still closed) but cold enough for winter fun, but not so cold I was miserable when we were out. And I get cold easy. I only got mad at the cold one night. The wind was just so annoyingly cold. The weather was PERFECTLY springy.

Lake Tahoe was gorgeous, but I kinda stopped trying to take pics of it. They just don't do it justice so I didn't take that many. I think GOD does that on purpose. There are just something that are too beautiful in real life...not even a camera can capture...only the real thing can do the trick!

Here is Emerald Bay, supposedly the 2nd most photographed place in the world. I don't know if its true or not, but that's what some local told us. You have to drive up in the mountains some to get to this part of the lake and it was SOOO very cold that evening, so the pic isn't too great. We didn't really stand and savor the beauty very long, but we did end up going back the next day.

There was a trail open that lead through a bunch of trees and ended up at the lake. It was just gorgeous. It seems so crazy to see this massive ocean-like lake surrounded by snowy mountains. It was awesome.

we were missing our little klp

We also missed him in the snow...

There was also a hike up by emerald bay in the mountains that was partially open. It was up near waterfalls that have started rushing now that snow is starting to melt. It was really cool...pics later (blogger is annoying) We hiked up past the waterfalls but the snow got to where we couldn't go any further. I'd love to go back and hike the whole thing. But we did keep going far enough to get this view of the lake and Emerald Bay...maybe it IS the 2nd most photographed place.....I seem to have gotten a bunch.

This was supposed to be at the end, but oh well. Here is our HOT ROD!! We went for value not coolness on the car rental.

Here is the waterfall. Its hard to see because the water looks like snow, but you can kinda see it in the middle of the pic. Moving water is just cool.

After a long day of hiking we decided to ski the next day. We were right across the street from the base of the main ski resort, but it was crowded and expensive and all the locals said there was another one close by that was better. I always go with what the locals say. They know. We drove a little ways out and had a PERFECT day of skiing. This area got most of their winter snow in Feb. March, so we had great snow and great spring weather. It was awesome. This is the view of the lake from the top of the restaurant on the mountain. Nice, huh?

I really really really really really really love skiing.

We got back to Dallas Monday night at 11 pm, and home to our house at 1:30 am. Poor Kory got up and went to work on about 4 hours of sleep. We had a great several days of outdoor fun and relaxing. It was a perfect combo of the 2! I think Tahoe was a great place to go and now I want to go back in the summer and do all the summer things!! I met my mom in Mt. Pleasant today and got my BABY BACK!! I was so happy to see Kanyon and so very very very thankful for my parents hard work and fun they had with him. I like to think he missed me, but I've seen mom's pictures and I think he was too busy having fun to miss his parents!!!
Kory had a softball game tonight and wasn't looking forward to leaving klp at home (it was a late game) so he tried to sneak out with him in his bag.

klp is sound asleep now and KLP just got in from his game. I actually got a sore throat/cough right before we left . I was kinda glad it was then so that I wasn't worried about giving it to klp. I'm not totally over it and I'm not convinced that klp doesn't have a little bit of it that I managed to give him before we left. BUT we're hoping we're all almost over it and ready for a healthy spring!


Jodi said...

YAY YAY YAY for a fun trip! Win win for everybody! You guys are SO smart to plan a getaway, and high fives to the fabulous grandparents!

I love your take on "God does that on purpose"....

Sydni said...

Oh, I'm so glad you took a vacation! I think you deserve one (more than one!!) the most of anyone I know. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It looks beautiful there. The first picture is so great of you all - I especially like Kanyon's grin.

cassi rash said...

Yeah for a vacation! Lake Tahoe looks so beautiful! I would love to go there sometime. I totally agree about the "God does that on purpose" comment you made. I always tell Marty that when I'm trying to capture a picture of the full moon. It never turns out...just like the colors are never as rich in a sunset picture as they are in person. I'm glad y'all had such a good time! I love the picture of Kanyon in Kory's bag...too funny!

erin f. said...

Oh my goodness...you guys deserved a fun trip! I didn't know y'all did that, it's got to be so much fun for both of you to get some time alone. Also, I know exactly what you mean about pictures, they never turn out as good as the real thing...but Tahoe looks gorgeous, I've never been there. I try not to mention to Todd that anyone he knows has gone skiing because he gets sad/depressed that he hasn't been in like 3 years. Basically since I have been with him we've never been! AND I just typed a mega comment so I will stop. Just glad you had a good time!

Life as a Spencer! said...

So glad you guys got to have a get away! Little one is still cute as ever!
Crystal Spencer

annalee said...

what a beautiful trip for you two! i'm proud of you guys for going and having that time together in the gorgeous land of lake tahoe. and what a blessing that klp was adored and loved on immensly on his trip too!
ps- you still look like a total natural on the ski slopes:)

Holly said...

Oh it looks like you guys had soooo much fun! I am SO glad you were able to do that and I am proud of you for actually doing it! I am jealous that you got to go skiing :). Hope you guys are doing well!

Phil said...

Praise God for grandparents!
So glad you two got a nice vacation "get away"!
Love and prayers,

mindy said...

Wow...what a great vacation! I know it is difficult to leave your little angel, but that is what God made us grandparents for! I know that your parents enjoyed being with Kanyon and what a comfort to you that they know all about him and how to care for him properly. I just cannot believe how big he is getting - isn't he just the biggest blessing! Hugs!

martha crockett said...

Know who you sounded like--Cathy Burns! That was HER kind of trip. As a matter of fact, I remember her saying the same thing a/b skiing around a lake. What a blessing to spend time with just your husband, and to be able to be completely confident your precious child was happy and being WELL taken care of.
Love you 3.

Katie said...

Looks like an awesome vacation - I'm thinking Girls' Hiking Trip 2010....(?) Not cool to come to Mt. Pleasant TWICE and not stop in to see us!!

Robyn said...

I bet y'all had so much fun, and Kanyon did, too! But isn't it nice to get home!