Thursday, May 19, 2011

Funny quinn

Quinn has become quite a crier.  Big time.  He cries all the time over anything/nothing.  He cries LOUD.  It is ironic considering he wasn't much of a crier as a baby.  At about 10 months he started all of this and I thought it might get better once he got tubes in his ears.  No such luck.  He's what I like to call "emotionally unstable".  BUT he's not all tears and screaming......lately he's been CRACKING ME UP.  Here are a few recent pictures that make me laugh.  

I think he's trying to be a yoga instructor:

another day,  another impromptu yoga session
Right before he started walking everywhere he made one last attempt to transport himself WITHOUT walking....he walked on his knees.  He did this one afternoon several times.  I'm sure it hurt, so he was over that in no time and on both feet that next day.  Ironically, q never tried to scoot like klp.  ALL other kids try it when they see klp scooting around, but I've never once seen q attempt it.  Interesting.

He does this when he watches TV!!! HAHAHA!!!  He mindlessly picks at the top of his diaper and it eventually starts to fall. He doesn't seem bothered by the exposure.  

He found klp's walker!! It is usually not in the house so he's never really had a chance to walk with it.  He spotted it one morning after klp's therapy and loved it! 

He eventually ditched the walker.  Also.....Why is everything cuter and funnier when he's wearing skeleton PJ's.  They kill me.  (not to mention his attachment to the blanket is growing ever stronger....I have mixed emotions about that).  His little penguin waddle walk is cracking us up.  I think i'll be sad when I look up one day and he's not waddling anymore.  Growing up is tough on ol' mom! 

I make klp smoothies for his breakfast.  I make big batches at a time and freeze them in bags.  I had a little left over one morning so I gave it to q.  I'm not sure if it was seeing him drinking out of a straw like a big boy or.....again....the skeleton PJ's.  

skeleton PJ's + straw= MORE THAN I CAN HANDLE!! 

How do you NOT laugh...

Ha Ha Ha Quinn!!!

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Marianne said...

Quinn is a hoot!! Love him with finger up nose. Too funny!!