Saturday, May 21, 2011

PIctures That Make My Heart Explode

Here are a few pictures that just absolutely kill me.  They make my heart totally explode. 

This was one night right when KLP got home from work.  Both boys were wanting him to hold him and then they were so excited when he picked them up that they were squealing and shaking each others' hands! 

little boy on his knees pushing a truck....oh man.  

Sand box pictures.  They are just so busy playing and working so hard.

This whole series causes major explosions!  Q found our dirty clothes cabinet.....

....the tractor joined him

i mean REALLY!!!

Another series that is just SO BOY....and especially sweet since its MY boy. 

the tractor has lots of hours on it!

klp LOVING a book! He studies every detail of every page.

another sand box.....I had gone in to get drinks and was walking back to them, spotted this shirtless brotherly hard playing cuteness, melted in the yard, then took a picture.

sleeping boys in the car...

klp enjoying a "drink" (it was water and he's still not quite figured out the straw thing...but oh well) at Taco Delite

Meeting my cousin Julie's baby CALLIE! 

getting to swaddle baby Callie.  I am obsessed with swaddling and seeing a baby burrito warms my heart like nothing else. 

klp had a blast on the phone at my parents' house. He was chatting it up all weekend long. It was so cute to watch. I caught him here sitting down all scrunched up in the corner.  

the thumb and the blanket...EXPLOSION!

he loves to "wiiieeee" (write) and he is very serious about it. 

seeing him sprawled out like that gets me every time. 

brothers in diapers side by side making beautiful music....well mostly just BANGING on the keys. 


Sydni said...

Those are the best.

erin f. said...

Great pictures, I had a heart exploding moment seeing that play kitchen at your parents house...I had that same kitchen and I spent many hours playing with it! I wish they still had it.

Marianne said...

You have made my morning! klp and q are living the GOOD life!!! Love you!

Jodi said...

Shoot, my heart is exploding right with yours!!!! I too have those same reactions with pictures with my kids... it almost HURTS so good. :) But yeah, that first one of Q in the Buckee's shirt in the clothes hamper... just stop it. :) And k at Taco Delite, again, stop it. They are all great... GREAT post!

sharon said...

loved every second.

Teresa said...

Love these boys! Great photos. I love the baby burrito. I have never been able to do them. You will have to teach me.

TexasNeals said...

oh honey!!!!!!!!!!!!!