Sunday, May 8, 2011


I titled this recreation because its of the boys doing fun things...thats recreation, right?  

Here is Kanyon on his dump truck.  He can now GET ON THIS THING by himself and make it move forward and backwards. That is kind of slow, so he's decided to put his feet up on the steering wheel part and use his hand to roll the back wheels....kinda like someone uses their hands to move a wheel chair.  Not sure how he came up with it, but it works!! I'm proud of him for being able to play with this toy completely on his own.  He still falls off of it kind of regularly, so he gets mad at it often. BUT for the most part, he enjoys it! 

Here they are at the park "driving" the fire truck.  Genius playground makers putting steering wheels on both sides.  

Q gazing out the side of the fire truck

klp loves the stairs.  He can go down pretty much by himself if he can hold the rail.  He wants to go up without help and actually can a little bit.  

q's knees after an evening at the park....before he was walking! 

another shot of his yucky knees

Not sure this is what KLP had in mind to do, but it was fun for the boys.  

q crying for whatever reason.  shocker.  

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