Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Animals

Not sure what started this train of thought in my head, but it is now a blog post:  

When describing what kind of eaters my boys are, I usually end up making some reference to an animal. So, here are my boys' Alter Animal Egos based on their eating habits.  

(this is his serious/model look)

Chipmunk:  Probably primarily due to his weaker oral motor development, klp often ends up storing food in his cheeks until he can get around to chewing it.  Its like his jaws can't keep up with his eyes and growling tummy.  He eats as fast as he can, but can't seem to chew as fast as he wants to.  It is a common thing around here to say something like, "Chew what's in your mouth first, then you can have some more." Can you believe I'm having to SLOW this child down from eating! ha!

T Rex:  As far as his menu, the child is a CARNIVORE!  (So, he could've been any animal thats a carnivore, but I kinda liked the TRex, that's the first thing I think of when I think MEAT EATER...even though they're extinct..oh well....work with me here).  klp isn't much on side items or fillers, he goes straight for the big stuff.  I guess he should get his fill of protien!  Ham, turkey, beef BRING IT ON! He loves it!  I think it may have something to do with the fact that he can dip it in ketchup, but even before his discover of ketchup, he was a meat eater!

Horse:  Think....apples. He eats an apple a day and loves applesauce too.  An apple was the 3rd thing he ate....Cheetos, Goldfish, Apples.  He loves them and is so cute eating them. Apples. Horse.  Kanyon.

(someone needs to teach him not to say "cheese" his mouth full)

Fruit Bat:  If I would let him, he would eat NOTHING but FRUIT.  (So does that make him our herbivore to klp's carnivore?)  He loves fruit so much, he will eat any type of fruit until I just stop feeding it to him. On a daily basis he has a banana, cutie orange, strawberries, grapes, raisins, and whatever else i have on hand.  Blueberries are his favorite and the one fruit we've found that he won't eat is watermelon. Other than that, he's a lover of all fruits. He has such a sweet tooth (more on that later) and I'm hoping to continue to give him his fix of sweets through the sweet yummy healthy fruit.     

Pig: This isn't quite the direct connection the others are, but I say pig because if he ever starts eating something....particularly SWEETS and anything else JUNKY he won't stop.  He will just keep eating and eating.  Soooo....he would end up looking like quite a pig if I didn't extend the long arm of the law and hold off on the junky sweet stuff.  His brother could care less about the sweets, but this boy could live on it.  My little piggy.  

The BOTH love chips.  What is it about chips? It seems like all kids love them!

Also in regards to eating....but not so much animals....would you believe it if I told you that QUINN is my picky eater.  Kanyon is my easy one!!!!!  WHAT???!! KANYON???!!! He is pretty good about eating whatever the "main course" is.  Quinn is so picky and gets ANGRY if its not something he wants.  Usually he will eat at least some of it, but he is always skeptical at first.  He takes a bite and it usually comes right back out.  With a little help from us he can usually eat it, but it takes work.  I just give klp his plate and he does pretty good on his own.  Its Q causing the stress these days!  I just can't believe I am writing this.  They are both picky in their own ways and they both have things that are definitely lacking in their diets that I can't seem to get them to eat, but I'm just glad we can all sit and eat at the same time.  There was a time that I couldn't even IMAGINE putting a plate in front of Kanyon and just letting him eat it.  And I for sure couldn't imagine hearing, "Mama.  I owww moooo." ("Mama, I want more.)

I took this a few weeks ago and I admit that I maaaaaaay have been having one of those moments when I was just so thankful and in awe of my 2 children EATING TOGETHER and I was just watching them.  It seems like nothing, but if you've known us at all, you know it is a big deal.  One of these days I think I'll kind of get over it and it won't be such a big deal, but I'm not there yet.  Its still a big deal.  HUGE.  Q was very very new at this spoon thing, so it was pretty cute.  I just thought they were too cute eating their applesauce.  

Sometimes the spoon is just too much trouble!


Meagan said...

So cute! I love the animal comparisons, and how sweetly and quietly they were just sitting there eating. I babysat for Dru's baby Braid the other day and she is not that quiet and calm while eating, neither is Ellie :)

Jaime Banks said...

This post is awesome... Yay for your boys!

Gay said...

That was sooo cute I could hardly stand it!! Great job with both of them!!

Anonymous said...

You should be aware that shutterstock.com has listed your photo of the horse eating an apple (Great photo, btw!) and has it marked as copyrighted. If this is YOUR photo, you probably have a case against shutterstock and can get paid for their stealing your photo.