Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Random pictures

No real order to this post....just fun pictures.  

Q loves books.  When he gets quiet he is in one of two places:  the fireplace (bad) or in his room reading books (good).  

Guess who's hand-me-down shorts these are??  Notice the hole on the right side of his rear end.  Q wears lots of shorts that have a similar "wear pattern" on them! :)  

KLP spent a weekend with his college buddies, so I went to Paris....
klp, Landry, and Avery checking out the fish on the dock.  

klp the fisherman. I wouldn't call him "good".  The rod went in the lake twice but he did love spinning the reel.  He was throughly excited the whole time.  Like WHOLE BODY excited...if you've been around him when he gets really excited, you know what I mean!

He did touch a fish Mo caught (with the Dora rod you see in the background!).  He was not scared AT ALL.  I really think he has no fear.  I can't say the same for his younger brother.  

I had big dreams for this picture. I've always wanted to get a picture in bluebonnets for my Mother in Law.  She's from Texas so I thought she'd especially like it.  Well, finally after being a mom for 4 years I actually did it.  BUT can you tell they were both sick?  Running a fever? Snot everywhere.  Smiles were scarce.  wind+their shaggy hair= rough.  Oh man.  It cracks me up.  We'll try again for that framer next year.  Plus we were a little late with the bluebonnets so they weren't very thick.  

klp was crazy about this book.  The Napping House.  He called it "bed" (said:"beeeee" as in bed with no  d) and he STILL asks for it. I had to put it up on the shelf and get some more down to break the cycle. I don't think I could've read it one more time.  

He sort of rotated favorite pages, but this was his favorite for a while.  

klp got this sand/water table for his birthday. They LOVE it.  So far its just been a water table and now a rice table.  Both at the same time sure look nice on the box, but I just don't see how that could work in reality.  Seems like they'd be all mixed up in seconds.  Q especially loves it.  He spent forever pouring water out one scoop at a time!  

See Q eating?  Well I had made them a snack to eat while they were playing.  I noticed after a while that Q was dipping his in the water then eating it. sick.  

My mom and I got to go to Dallas shopping one Saturday.  We left the boy with KLP and my dad (and the MULE) while we spent the entire day shopping! We love doing that and haven't gotten to since before Kanyon was born. It was such a fun day!  
Here are some pics KLP took while I was gone: 

klp and Paw Paw on the swing.  Shocker.  

Ready for a (nother) ride in the mule.  It is the great babysitter.  

So ends the randomness.

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