Wednesday, June 15, 2011

KAJ-Eating with Friends-Cute Dirty Clothes-Funny

That title was instead of saying "Random Pictures" again.

KAJ-that's our foundation, remember?  Here is a picture taken almost a year ago for  Eastman Chemicals, a local company that was doing a volunteering promo.  The kids are much bigger now, but I wanted everyone to see the KAJ crew.  Patrick, Holly, and Addison....they are due another baby girl in a week!!  And get this...she's FULL TERM AND READY!! Yeah!  We can't wait to meet Landrie.  We are all so thankful for a full term pregnancy.

Eating with Friends
We went to Chick-Fil-A with some friends the other day and I was loving klp sitting at the kids table.  He was chomping at the bit to eat Mallory's food because he didn't have his yet.  He's sitting with Blake, Grayson, Olivia, Mallory, klp, and Elizabeth.  What sweet friends...and especially sweet to me since my son gets to be right in the middle of them enjoying lunch! 

The other kids ate and ran to the playground, but klp still had nuggets to eat! haha!! We were cracking up at him. While the other kids would run in, get a drink, run out, he just sat chowing til he ran out of food.  He hearts Chick-fil-A.  

Cute dirty clothes.  You mean you don't have cute dirty clothes???  Well I do because this is what's in my dirty clothes cabinet!! 

I can't resists them crammed in there together.  They really love it! 

These crack me up because:
This is SOOOOOO klp. He loves loves loves loves loves flashlights.  He propped himself up on the wall and was shining it in the dark corner. I made him turn around and shine it on me so I could get a pic of him.  

Q sometimes looks as if he's wearing capris.  HE'S NOT!!  His waist is just slightly larger than the length of his legs.  The opposite problem his brother has.  Its kind of confusing because statistically, he's taller than he is heavy, but oh well. It just make me giggle when I see him standing there with his shorts to his ankles.  

The End


ewall said...

I love these pictures of the boys! I also love the stories you share with them! You are a great mama. :)

erin f. said...

He's just trying to keep up with the trends mom...sagging pants. Who knows if that actually is a trend anymore! Not me.

They are so cute. The picture of Kanyon eating makes me happy because I know for so long he couldn't just sit there and chow look at him! Awesome.