Thursday, June 23, 2011

Spencer Family Vacation Part 3

It really is silly that I'm posting this many pictures.  Anywaaaaaaaay....

Q and Mall having some breakfast.  

The kids enjoyed popcorn before bed!

on the beach......

kan boogie boarding....he loved it! 

q eventually got OK with the water as long as I was holding him.  

Chillin' with Clay

Q and Gay Gay sitting and enjoying the view.  How sweet is that hand on her leg? 

Ro, Avery, and klp having fun with the wet sand

my beach boy!

both of my beach boys!  btw the beach did a crazy number on my hair/bangs.  pardon the bad hair.  

I am only posting this because, again....the doesn't take much!!  haha! 

I just thought he looked so handsome in this picture.  

Clint joined us at the water's edge. 

Me and my brothers! Clearly we were ignoring our children.  We sat there visiting for a long time. We aren't sea sick...I'm not sure why we look greenish.  

Avery and Kanyon decided to join us for a little bit.  

ahhhhh! my big boy!

Oh man I love this.  Only a grandparent would do it.  klp needed to spend some time in the shade, but he wanted to play in the water.  I would've just told him to get over it and go play in the shade, but not Paw Paw.  He followed him around with the umbrella!

though he looks a little distressed, Q was really enjoying the sand! 

Landry with her shell box. She was the queen of the shells the whole time.   klp cuddling with Uncle Clay.  

Pink eye threatened to put a damper on our fun! klp actually got it first the day we were traveling there.  We got him meds and an extra set of drops because its impossible to keep pink eye to only one person.  Sure enough, Q woke up with it a few days later.  Mallory ended up with it on the way home.  Yucky.  

Paw Paw helped the kids make a dolphin family.  

Nolan and Clint surfing on the sand.  

The next couple of pics are of the cutest tracks in the world.  See the wiggly line....there are heel prints one side of it and a hand print on the other. I just love it....little sand crab.

and he's GOOOOOONE!!!

I'm telling you he LOOOOOOVED the waves.  Face first and all. He thought it was great! 

When you're on vacation, even sitting on the potty is fun!! Popcorn!!!

Me and Maurine with the "babies" of the trip.  Mallory decided to start walking while we were there!  

Q had mixed emotions about walking into the water.  He WANTED to, but he would get scared every time a wave would come. I was helping him face his fears! 

This was a favorite of klp.  Just run splashing into the water and then back out again.  Its fun and all, but SHEEEESH I got tired carrying that big boy! But the sun was going down on our last day at the beach so we kept on running! 

and it was THEN that Nolan decided he wanted to go in the water, so he and Clint joined the running fun. 

q opted for a slower, more dry stroll along the beach with Gay Gay.  

This was our little spot the last evening.  Our cover got demolished in the wind and the toys and chairs were all spread out and everywhere.  Mess is a sign of fun, right??!!!  

This was our house.  Its gigantic in this pic. We were only in the right half. Another family was in the left half.  It was very fun. It was called Looney Dunes and was the perfect place for us! 

Fruity cheerios in his ear!!! 

On our way home we decided to try the ferry from Ft. Morgan to Mobile....maybe Mobile??? Not sure the town, was a ferry that kept us from having to drive UP and AROUND.  
We got there and had a little chance to enjoy the bay side.

We released the hermit crab that Dad caught earlier in the week.  

Landry collected pine cones in her pockets! 

We drove on to the ferry and then got to get out and see the bay.  

It was fun....not much time difference by the time to wait, get on, ride across, and get off, but it was better than being trapped in the car for that extra hour and 45 min.  

Dad and Q relaxing in the hotel that night.  

The boys loved the armoire in the hotel room.

You'd think this is it, but there are more pics coming.  We had one more adventure before the vacation was over!  


Kelli said...

Girl, this looks like the BEST vacation! I am so glad y'all got to go and have such a fabulous time! Your boys are so adorable, I can't believe they are getting so big!

sharon said...

so fun! we are going to a cabin in colorado in august with all of my family and this made me even more excited! i loved the pic of your mom and quinn by the water - she looked amazing!