Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spencer Family Vacation Part 2

Fun in the Sun continues.....

Nolan LOOOVED the boogie boards...as long as they were on the sand.  But he "surfed" to his heart's content on the beach! 

No doubt some nature/creature lesson from Paw Paw 

Lunch for the little ones.  The house we stayed in was so perfect for lots of little children.  Even the high chairs that Q and Mallory were in were there at the house.  

I just can't resist the sweet row of little ones eating their lunch together.  

I just think Landry looks so sweet and pretty in this picture

Mom and Dad brought these teeny tiny mini kites..... Nolan was flying one of them....if you look closely you'll find it 

This picture kills me.  Avery wanted to fly the kite, so she's still holding it, but she's turned completely around playing in the sand......again, look closely and you'll see her hand holding the string.  Funny girl.  

Q must've gotten too close to the water and gotten very VERY afraid....the tears pretty much only bring laughter from the rest of us!  haha!

klp  headed face first into the waves (and wet sand!)

Our very own little sand crab.  This boy dragged himself all over that sand. I can't imagine how hard that was....my calves were sore from just WALKING in it.  Its like he has no clue that is so hard.  

Thanks to his uncles, klp was the LAST one to leave the beach at night.  

q and Landry (twins) playing in the sand...this was where Quinn was the happiest.  He loved the buckets with sand and water in it.  

The water bucket!!!  

The house also had EVERY TOY  in the world.  The baby pool was fun...as you can see....fun for ALL.  

Nolan managed to talk Avery into pulling him around the pool on his board!!  haha!!


One evening we went into Gulf Shores to eat dinner.  The girls wore their matching dresses so we wanted to get a pictures.  Landry wasn't too interested in taking a picture........

......but after some *encouragement* from her mother, she managed to pick her head up.  Haha

The day we went into town was my Father in Law's birthday, so we wrote his name (grandpa name...Chief) in the sand and sent him this picture.  

Paw Paw with the boys.  

They were trying to help me pick something to eat at a seafood restaurant....I don't do seafood.  

Kanyon wanted to pose for a picture....pretty cute, huh?!

After the trip to town, we came home and watched the basketball game on TV.  Sweet Sweet Sweet girls.  

We promptly headed out to do some crab hunting! 

My dear ol' dad was head crab catcher and Kanyon carrier and flashlight carrier.  WHEEEW!

Kanyon LOVED his job of holding the flashlight....though he wasn't very good at keeping it on the ground.  He had a blast with it, but wasn't much help with the hunt.  

The interested/scared hunters taking a peek at one of the crabs.  

Who's the crybaby in the bottom left corner???????????  


Susan @ Blessed Assurances said...

I had the same maternity swimsuit as Rachel, I miss that swimsuit this summer--it covered up a multitude of things :)

seeing the kids lined up at the bar reminds of me of all the summers we bellied up to your mom's bar for cereal as a kid. good, sweet memories--past & present

Gay said...

Notice no one is paying Q any attention in the last picture! :) :)

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures! Your parents are awesome! ~Shasta