Saturday, June 25, 2011

Spencer Family Vacation Part 4

The fun never stops when you all stay at the same hotel!!!  Only my dad would find a lizard outside and bring it in to show the kids eating breakfast!!  haha! 

Q trying to give klp a push

Nolan took his you can see, Quinn did NOT share with a cheerful heart.  

We drove a couple of hours to an Alligator Park in Louisiana that Maurine found on her phone.  

I have to be honest about this.  I thought it was going to be funny.....funny as in maybe a little bit back woods, white trash maybe.  I dunno, I just expected a muddy hole with a few alligators and some crazy people who get a kick out of gators....thick know.  But I was wrong! It was very nice, professional, and really fun.  They had lots of things to see and do and the place was set up pretty neat.  My kids probably cared about it the least, but they had fun. The bigger kids really enjoyed it.  It was a good last vacation stop!!!  

We got there just in time to see a feeding!  It was fun to watch them jump out of the water.  

Little red-faced Q watching the gators eat

After they ate, klp got to get a little closer so he could really see them.  

q opted for playing on the bleachers...again, the red face is so cute to me.  

The big girls getting a closer look

Happy klp!

They had goats, deer, and all sorts of animals to feed.  The kids really liked this part.  

Hesitant little Quinn man was more brave on someone's hip.  

.....or lap

Guess who this outlaw getting arrested by a gator is???? I'll give you a hint: he's screaming his head off! 

My dad probably felt like he was getting eaten for dinner a few times over the week, but he handled it with ease! 

Whats a good gator park without a peacock roaming around???

Ro got to hold a little alligator.  She was so proud! 

Paw Paw and klp had a great time feeding the goats!  

Nolan and klp taking the gator for a spin...

they still don't know that if you put money in it that it moves.  GOOD!!!!!  

Gay Gay found these little alligators in the gift shop and got all the kids one.  Q was scared of it at first so he got a stuffed one, then he warmed up to klp's plastic somehow he ended up with both of them in his seat!  

When we left the park, we were only a couple of hours from Longview.  

This is a picture of the floor board of the back seat where all the discarded toys went!!  As you can see, we were fresh out of tricks by the time we got home.  My mom was a total Mary Poppins with the boys the whole time.  She kept them happy and entertained!!! 

They slept for part of the way the last stretch, so we cruised into Longview in peace.  

major snooze!!!

Way to go Gay Gay!!!!  

Mom did have an SOS that she would hold up when things got rough in the back seat.  Its a sign that says "HELP" and we would pass the boys' car and hold it up. Haha!!  

So ends the adventure.  It was fun.  We were not without our Grizwald moments.  (like when we backed up all the cars on the ferry because Dad couldn't get the parking break off his car....just to name one) but it was more than worth it.  We were all pleasantly surprised at how fun and not stressful it was.  Yeah for Spencer Family Vacation!!!  


Carissa said...

I love your family...or should I say I love reading about your family? What a great vacation! Those gators were huge!

Marianne said...

I have thoroughly enjoyed The Spencer Family Vacation!!! Gay Gay did a great job! Thanks for the wonderful posts.

Brooks Family said...

ok i have to know where the alligator park is! we are taking the boys to gulf shores in august before school starts and they would LOVE to go see all those gators, clearly we watch swamp people!! great post and pics, makes me even more ready to go!!