Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Spencer Family Fun and a Great Wedding!

I have some pictures from a weekend we spent in Paris about a month ago.....

Quinn and Landry...the little twins.  

Clay and Mallory, Me and Q chillin on the swing (this swing makes lots of appearances in pics from my parents' house).  

Avery and Roselyn spent tons of time working so hard on this bird nest.  Then they wanted a flag, so they found this fabric and pencil to write on their flag.  They ran off to write and quickly came back because they realized they couldn't write what they wanted.  So they dictated and my mom wrote.  It says "There is a bird nest here. You will love it."  Fun little girls.  

The Mule. The Blessed, sweet, hallelujah, treasured Mule.  This must've been a NO GIRLS ALLOWED mule ride.  

Clint braved taking all the kids (except Mallory) for a spin on the Mule.  

klp, Paw Paw, Q, and Me.  This was right after I got home from going with Clint and Rachel to their ultrasound.  They are having a girl!! Nolan is still in denial (he's telling people its a boy)! It was so fun to be there with them and see her on that screen.  Who would've thought we'd be flooded with all these girl cousins.  Nolan is my boys' only boy cousin!  6 nieces and one more on the way!!!! 

Boys bath time

Q at Taco Delite.  He was LOVN' the nachos!!

We went to some dear friends Cliff and Maggie's wedding last weekend in Dallas. We went down early on Saturday so we could see Scott and Paula.  We had a great lunch with them and were actually able to sit and visit for 2 hours! Not bad with 2 wild boys!  

The boys with Scott and Paula

The boys had a blast with their sunglasses....

Great lunch with great friends!!!  

Kasey and Nathan kept the boys while we enjoyed the wedding and then the reception at the Dallas Museum of Arts.  I was crazy and forgot a picture of Kasey and Nathan with the boys, but I know my 2 had a great time....Kasey and Nathan may have been swamped, but they made it fun for my boys!  The wedding was beautiful and great in every way.  We love them and are so happy for them! 

My family.  

Just the kids...

We spent the night with Kasey and Nathan and headed back to Longview after church on Sunday.  
The boys were OUT minutes into the drive....somehow they are sleeping in exactly the same position.  

Q later opted for a more comfy and stylish pose.  

It was a great weekend....and the beginning of our vacation...pics coming soon!


martha crockett said...

You are the best to blog so regularly! Loved all your pix of the kids--especially the ones of your boys asleep in the car. ADORABLE!!!
How did we miss seeing you at church???? I hate that.

Teresa said...

Love all the pictures. Great of the boys and you and Kory both look great at the wedding!