Monday, September 19, 2011

Big Help and Great Friends

I try to make the boys earn their keep around here.....

so they have to HELP decorate wrapping paper for Daddy's birthday present.....

then HELP Daddy open his present........

and HELP clean up after themselves.  I can't just let them stick around here for FREE!!!!! :)  

When Great Aunt Nancye gave klp this frog puppet in the hospital, initially q was afraid of it (as he is most things that are new and big).  But now I think its safe to say that they are GREAT FRIENDS! He's giving him a big kiss!!!  

Here are the boys with Ali and Mabry.  They love these girls....they are such GREAT FRIENDS!

This is kind of a stretch but i had to fit it in this blog.....Quinn and klp's walker are BFFs.  Seriously, he loves this thing.  Most kids do.  We usually let qsp have a turn at some point and we're pretty sure it confuses people.  It cracks us up and I'm sure it doesn't hurt for klp to get to see someone else walking in it.  This picture is blurry but I couldn't snap one that wasn't blurry because he BOOGIES on this thing.  

Brothers....the GREATEST FRIENDS in the world!!!  

(here klp is tickling qsp....if it had sound you could hear his high pitched dededededededede that he does when he tickles. I think its from us saying tickletickletickle when we tickle him)

(notice q's fingers are crossed on this thumb sucking hand. That's his latest thing.  When he sucks his thumb, he criss crosses either his first two fingers or his last two fingers)

This is so them.  klp dying laughing squealing. Q/Linus with blanket and thumb.  Both with crazy just-out-of-the-bath hair.  And only diapers.  


Sydni said...

That last picture is priceless. It makes me laugh. Good job on making those boys earn their keep.

Jodi said...

LOVE the just-diaper photos. LOVE THEM.

Brooklyn's walker always drew a crowd, too. We would have kids at church saying "why does she get to bring a bike?!?!" Sorry, kid, not a bike. And you think you want one, but you really don't! :)