Friday, September 23, 2011

A few things about Quinn

He is reading at a 9th grade level.

He takes good care of his animals.  Feeding them......

....and making sure they have plenty of water.

He is very 


and he has a mother who needs to wash her windows more often.

He has big blue eyes and a birthmark everyone always thinks is a scratch.  

He's VEEEERY sneaky.

He usually starts his morning off with a banana and some milk while I get his breakfast ready.  He has very puffy eyes when he wakes up.  He has to carry his big blanket over his shoulders so he doesn't trip on it.   

He aslo speaks other languages.  Ever since he started talking, he's often put "le" in front of a lot of words.  One of his first words was "ball" but according to him, it was "le ball".  Along the same French influenced lines is "le Bubba", "le car", "le book".  You get the idea.  And just when I thought he only spoke French, I discovered another one.  I went in his room to get him after his nap.and when I walked in the room, he said, with his best ITALIAN accent,   "Hey maMA!!" I checked to make sure the Cake Boss wasn't in his bed, but he wasn't so it must've been Quinn channeling his inner Italiano.

If you count East Texas Twang as a language both of my boys are fluent.  I hear it every time they say "Bye" (and lots of other words).  It makes their daddy roll his eyes, but that's what he gets for leaving me at home to teach them to talk!! :)

He has just recently learned to run. It took him 17 months to get the courage to walk, so you can imagine that running is a little scary for this cautions one.

He is having a REALLY REALLY hard time adjusting to klp being at school.  He is lost without him.  Translated: he is clingy and wanting me to be with him every second of the day.  He won't let me get 2 feet away!  There is lots of crying and lots of whining.  It ain't pretty.  Its only 3 days and only til 1:15 so I'm sure he'll adjust.  He better.  :)

He has since stopped doing this, but he went through a little phase where he would play this "game" with us.  He would say, in a very high pitched sing songy voice, "Hey Mama!!!" and I would reply in the same high pitched sing songy voice.  "Hi Quinn!!!" and then he would lower his voice really low and slow and say "Heeey Mama"and I reply with a matching tone, "Hey Quinn."  The game would go on a few rounds and then he would stop.  We thought it was hilarious and have NO IDEA where he came up with it.  He hasn't done it in a while and I never got it on video.  Its not the best written story (unless you have a really good imagination) but it was a pretty cute little game.

He totally bonded with his Daddy while I was away with klp in the hospital.  I have seen a big difference since then.  He often chooses Daddy over me *GASP!*

All week he wakes up in the mornings and from naps clapping.  At least he's happy.

When he gets ready to do a trick, i.e. throw a ball in the air, he says, "Mama, Waaaaa" (Mama, watch!)

So you don't go thinking he's nothing but a broad cultured funny boy, I'll give you some dirt.  He's kind of getting mean.  He will hear klp ask me to do something and then he will try to run get it first.  He will hear klp tell me he wants to rock and he'll run to the rocking chair first.  Not cool.  Doesn't work around here. He's also started the "MINE!" thing.  UGGHHHHH. I  DO NOT like this.

He's sleeping soundly, but I expect to hear clapping any minute so I better go finish up a few more things.  Happy Weekend!


erin f. said...

So cute, I love reading about ellies little boyfriend :)

Meagan said...

haha, the french & italian accents cracked me up! Ellie has a little bit of twang to her words too. She calls me May-May with a very twangy accent on the "a". I think it's super cute. :)
I guess if her & Quinn ever get to play they could at least understand each other :)

Sydni said...

Totally adorable!

Marianne said...

Love the syllable adding to his language. That's how our David got his nickname, Bibba. He added that to lots of words like bibbajamas--for pajamas and bibbatatoes for potatoes. It was hysterical and the words have stuck in the family lexicon!!! Sweet family stuff!!