Sunday, September 18, 2011


Kanyon is REALLY into hats.  He wakes up asking for his hat and tries to sleep in it.  His love of hats started with this Montana State hat that his Montana cousins gave him..  He pulls it down really low over his eyes almost to the point where he can't even see! I push it up and he pushes it right back down.  He knows how he likes it I guess.  Though it all started with the MSU hat and its by far the one he wears the most, he has spread the love to all sorts of hats.  

The fireman hat our friends gave him in the hospital has been fun!  Q only wears it backwards and only for about 10 seconds.  klp wearing a tiny green hat....

We went over to play at Chandler's house so his options there were a bit more.....ummm....girly.  But it was a hat and thats all that matters.  Plus, this is ALMOST a top hat right?? Abe Lincoln? 

Then there's this hat.  The Happy Camper hat aunt Nancye got him when he was a baby.  It is a BABY hat!! Its TINY.  But it was his favorite for a while. He didn't care that it would squeeze and then eventually pop off his head because it was too tight or that the bill was way too short for a big boy. I would try to hide it so he wouldn't see it and forget about it, but then he would ask me for "Bubba Haaaa" (Bubba's hat)  I told him one time that the hat stayed in Bubba's closet because it was a baby's hat. So he just called it Bubba's hat.  There was no forgetting the beloved green hat.  

In efforts to trump "Bubba's hat" I offered him "Daddy's hat" and it was a hit too!  Here he is proudly wearing the Phillips Bar Diamond Ranch hat.  

Quinn?  He's more of a glasses guy right now.  

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Rebekah said...

Love it! He's a ham. Well, both of your boys are! And I LOVE them!