Monday, September 19, 2011

Guess Who's Reading??!?!!

Maybe reading is a bit of a stretch....MEMORIZING may be more like it.

For the last few weeks, the book "There's an Aligator Under My Bed" has been klp's book of choice every night before bed.  Its true that he's probably heard it read 100 times, but that doesn't change the fact that its pretty awesome that he has it memorized!  The other night I  let him finish the sentences on a few pages and was shocked at how much he knew.  So last night I decided to video the whole book and see what he could do.  The lighting is low, the filming is bad but I was trying to read, turn pages, film, and hold him in my lap all at the same time.  Hopefully you can hear it OK.

You'll notice he points out the lights. He's obsessed with lights and finds lamps, lights, street lights, flashlights, or any other form of light in every book he looks at. He also loves to look at all the toys on the floor in the boy's room.  

Remember he says "lmmm" (with his tongue sticking out) for the word "eat".

"garage" is a pretty cute word coming out of his mouth! :)

He uses the same tone and inflection that we use on some of the parts.

Ignore my annoying voice.



Rebekah said...

Very sweet!

Pam said...

Oh that is just so sweet! Love it and thank you for sharing! Pam

Meagan said...

how cute! I love how he says alligator :)

Alli said...

What a precious little voice he has! I especially loved "slam the door!"

Marianne said...

HE. IS. TOO. PRECIOUS. I'm so glad I checked your blog with my first cup of coffee this morning. klp has provided the perfect start to the day. Love you all!!