Friday, September 16, 2011

Works of Art

Kanyon LOVES to paint. I think we have school to thank for that.  Last year, every day when I would pick him up, I would ask him what he did at school.  The conversation would go like this: 
me: HEY KAN!  How was school?!
klp: gooooo (good)
me: Good! What did you do? 
klp: I wiiiiieeee (write) I puuuu (paint) 
me: Oh fun!  
klp: I owwww cakwa (I want a cracker)

And he would chow down on his goldfish in the car all the way home.  So, this summer we did some painting and even let Q join the fun.  One day I documented with pics.  

a rare moment where klp in using a color other than black....more on that later

Q has a lot to learn about painting.  Mainly that you're supposed to paint on the paper.....not your hand. 

qsp would hold his water cup (which had barely any water), dip his brush in the paint, then the water...

then his hand.  This required LOTS of focus and concentration.  

klp noticed what his brother was doing and was kind of laughing.  Then my Occupational Therapist Mommy light bulb went off (I'm not an OT, I just think like one after 4 1/2 years of being Kanyon's mommy!).  I said, "Why don't you try to paint your hand!" This meant he had to open his tight hand and figure out how to get the paint in there!!!  Its the story of klp's life really: even play is work.  But he loved it and it was good practice opening his hand.  

I put the breaks on the mouth thing. He was putting it all in his mouth.  YUCK!

qsp loves all the colors and they all ended up on his hand, giving it a nice reddish brownish tint.

klp does NOT like all colors.  Every single time I've painted with him, he only paints with the black.  I'll show him the other colors and put them on his brush and he immediately goes back to the black.  hmmmm Ansel Adams??  

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Sydni said...

Smarty pants you... for him to paint his hand! These pictures are darling. That's so interesting that Kanyon wants to use only black.