Thursday, September 29, 2011

Splash Pad Surprise

A few weeks ago, we went to the park after supper.  It is a fantastic completely assessable park so klp can take his walker all over it.  It is a fantastic park and we are really really thankful that we have one so close to us that is this great.  We played and played and played that evening and it was past dark so we headed to the car.  Right by the parking lot there is a little splash pad.  My boys have never seen one, so they were just walking around on it.  THEN their Daddy pushed the button that makes the water come on.  One boy LOVED it and one boy FREAKED out.  I'll let you guess which one did which! :)

If you guessed q was the one that freaked, you are CORRECT!  He just so happened to be standing in the middle of a circle where water sprays up all around it.  When the water came on, none of it was splashing on him, but he was surrounded!  Haha! He just stood there screaming.  We tried to get him to just walk through the water and out of the circle of doom, but he couldn't get the courage to walk through the horrifying sprinkles of water.  After a few pictures, we reached in and rescued him! :)

In the mean time, his brother was walking ALL OVER THAT THING.  He was cracking up and squealing with excitement.  He was in HEAVEN!!

He eventually talked Q in to coming a little closer, but he still wouldn't go all out splash.  He stayed on the outside edge where no water could get him.  But thats ok.  :)

This boy was completely SOAKED from head to toe! He was also completely THRILLED!

I took a little video.  Its pretty dark since it was....well....dark outside.  But hopefully you can hear the squealing and listen for qsp's little "I don't know"  its pretty cute.

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Jodi said...

SO FUN!!!! OhMyGoodness, it just makes my heart want to JUMP out of my chest to see him walking around all over the place!! We have one of those accessible parks closeby, and it quickly became a family favorite! Gotta love watching them GO and PLAY!! So fun!! Love y'all!