Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Busy Weekend in Paris

Kory's business had to work a home show last weekend, so since he was going to be working a lot, me and the boys headed to Paris.  We wanted to see the fam, but we also had a few things on the agenda that we had to get done.  

#1 on the list was a haircut.  You see, I usually cut the boys' hair.  I mean its not perfect, but its always been good enough (especially for the price!).  Well, the night before we left for Montana at Christmas I decided they needed a haircut.  The problem was it was dark outside and our back porch light isn't very bright AND I was in a hurry.  Not good things.  So, all that to say, the haircuts were bad......really bad.  I knew it as soon as I saw them in the light the next day, but I'm just now getting around to actually doing something about it.  We got to Paris Thursday afternoon and headed straight to the Barber shop.  Butch gave both boys (and my brothers) their first haircuts so I knew he could undo the damage I'd done.  

My big boy Kanyon doesn't even need to sit in Mommy's lap anymore!

He did really good, but I could tell he would get a little nervous at times and he would do his little fake, nervous laugh.  It was kinda cute. Here he is right in the middle of a nervous laugh. :) 

The finished product.....

Quinn was a different story.  No surprise.  He freaked out the second we walked in the door.  He watched klp, but was still not having it.  Luckily the barber shop has lots of lollipops on hand, so his fear (and tears) subsided thanks to a blue sucker.  

The most crying he did was after it was all over and Butch brushed us off.  He HATED it.  

All is well as long as the sucker is still there.

klp wanted his picture taken (fake smile)

blue sucker= blue mouth

Next on the agenda was an official trip to the dentist.  With klp's oral aversion history, going to the dentist hasn't really been possible.  We couldn't even brush his teeth til he was over 3 yrs. old.  We knew it wouldn't be easy, but since he's almost 5 and is at a huge risk for teeth trouble (another preemie thing) we wanted to give it a shot.  Its nice to have a few in the family to make the situation as easy as possiblle.  We had the office to ourselves on Friday, so Dr. Uncle Clint was the man for the job.  He brought Ro Ro with him to be a good example and a little moral support for Kan Man. While Clint got everything ready, Ro and klp created some beautiful artwork.  

We let Ro go first thinking it might help for him to watch her.  Not so much. My dad happened to be up at the office too working on a patient so when he got through with her he came and got klp and let him play in his chair and play with all the instruments.  

The play time with Paw Paw helped him get comfortable.  He would at least get in the chair.  He and Ro had fun playing while Clint got things ready for klp's turn.  I just happened to snap this pic as Ro leaned over to give Kan a kiss.  Sweet cousin.  

They were cracking up at the birds outside the window.

Sweet cousins (and a patient Dentist)

As soon as it was "game time" klp wanted Ro to stay with him in the chair.  

klp got to play with the air blower thing.  That was by far his favorite part of the day! 

Aaaaaaannnnd it pretty much went downhill after that.  He was not happy and not willing to open his mouth very much.  It brought back the days of trying to figure out how in the world to get him to open his mouth to take his bottle.  He did open it some and Clint was able to look real good, polish them some, and put a sealer on them.  Amazingly, his teeth looked pretty good. We would've liked to have gotten x rays but there was no way.  We are so thankful that his teeth have been so strong.  Such a blessing not to have to deal with that yet.  

Here is the "ALL DONE!" picture.  

....and a high five!  

Walking out of the office.  WHEEEEW! Glad that's over!  Side note: Ro dressed herself. Hilarious.  Another side note: As they were walking out holding klp's hands, Ro said, "He is getting soooo good at this!" Then she said, "Will he EVER learn to do this on his own?"  Yes he will Ro!!!  

My sweet Baby Marion! I got lots of good cuddle time with this girl.  

Clay and Mo were out of town so we didn't get to see their girls much, but klp had fun playing with Ro and No all weekend.  They really did great together.  Gotta love the built in friendships of cousins! 

Don't remember why, but Clint was measuring Nolan and Kanyon.  They were almost EXACTLY the same height.  Not sure why my kid has no pants and one sock.  

Saturday afternoon, q wasn't quite ready for his nap when everyone else was, so he stayed up a little bit with us.  He and Uncle Clint watched some basketball on TV.  

As nap time drew nearer, Clint read him a book....

Wait a minute!! What happened here??? Clint was supposed to put QUINN to sleep.  haha! 

Saturday  night, Mom and Dad gave the kids glow swords ("light savers" if you're Nolan) to play with in the bathtub.  To say it was a hit would be an understatement.  

A little movie time before bed.  Ro got outvoted on the movie and went to watch a princess movie in the other room.  Its not very often that the boys outnumber the girls! 

Ready for church Sunday morning.  The football in one hand offsets the PURSE in the other hand, RIGHT????!?!


Pam said...

Jaymie....just ask Peyton about her dental experiences and what they would say when she just walked in the dental office! She was not a good dental patient, still isn't real fond of it either but at least she doesnt scream! Your boys are just precious and I love the last picture with the purse and football! Thank you for sharing!

erin f. said...

Somewhere in your blogs you always make me laugh. This one was the late night botched hair cut. So funny. Mandy cuts Grayer's hair too and it's always kind of a work in progress. She will just grab him and cut another piece off here and there. Good thing they're all cute :)

I feel like Ellie and Quinn are the same kid, she would have a meltdown if I made her get a hair cut or anything that involved sitting still and scissors. She cries when we are at a restuarant and she hears a mixer or blender going. She jumps in my arms and buries her head if she hears a vaccum cleaner. As you might guess I don't get a lot of vaccuming done!

Heather said...

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