Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A few more December pics

This was Q on his birthday morning.  I had to wake him up to take klp to school.  Poor baby couldn't even sleep in on his birthday! :)  

But I made it all better with Birthday DONUT HOLES!  He was very pleased to get to eat more than 3 (my usual limit) and even get to hold the bag.  

Not sure where we were going, but they loved these lanterns in the car.  I got them at the Dollar store and they were lots of light up fun in December.  

Prepare to die of cute overload when you look at this picture...........Q got a new basketball from his Montana cousins and he is IN LOVE.  Kory was taking his picture to send to the cousins to say thank you.  I mean really.....i love this picture.  

....the nasty black eye.  It was a double whammy of a hit on the side (the butterfly bandages) and then a bump on the front (bruise and swelling).  He's tough, he can take it.  

headed in to a basketball game

ready for church....are you scared of this guy???? You should be.  

in the Dr. office for Q's check up.  It kinda gives me the heeby jeebies that he was sitting in only his undies in the chair, but I mean what else do we do????  He wasn't diggin' the bed thing.  Oh well. I'm releasing the compulsive germ worrying. 

So we have this little tracing/ABC app on klp's ipad and we've tried to show him how to use it, but he never would do it.  Then one day I was putting laundry away and he was sitting on my bed playing the ipad.  I happened to look over and see this......little stinker knows exactly how to do it, he just never would when we were watching!!!  

Phillips Boys watercolor creations.  klp prefers black and red....can you tell which ones are his? :)  

So long December, I think I've posted all the pics now! :)

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