Friday, February 24, 2012

A few February pics

Q isn't the only one who digs the sunglasses.....

We were face timing with Gram the other night just before bed and I thought they looked cute all piled up talking to her.  Poor klp can't figure it all out.  He gets super close so that he can see himself on the screen but then all the other person can see is his hair! haha! We have to keep reminding him to back up.  :)

qsp was singing his Montana song to her (she always sings it to them and he's learned the words). 

klp got sidetracked by the cattle truck

klp still gets a kick out of puppets.  My SIL Rachel's mom HAND MADE this puppet for him for either his first or second birthday.  I kept it put up because I was afraid he would tear it up, but he loves it now!  And guess what?? It took Q a while to warm up to him...he was a bit scared at first! :)  

The other day, qsp picked up the phone and said, "Hello Gay Gay!!" Ya think I talk to my mom a few times a day??? 

Q handed me my phone and told me he wanted to say "cheese" for a picture (but he wouldn't look at the its not that great of a picture, but I just think he's cute).  Think I take a few pics on my phone???? 

q helping me wash potatoes.  He'll do anything to get to play at the sink.  

Another pleasant surprise when I went to check on the boys playing. I actually heard Kanyon using his "reading voice" so I went to see that cuteness and Quinn was being a bookworm too (pardon the blur, I didn't want to get too close and interrupt them).  

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