Monday, February 6, 2012


I used to do better at posts that had a running theme, but it seems I've evolved to pretty much "random" picture posts.  Oh well.  Here is our January in review.  

klp wore his cowboy hat ALL DAY LONG this day.  Q was a little jealous because his head is way too big to wear klp's hat.  

Nothin' says "Good Morning" like a six shooter shootout in Daddy's lap.  

So many things I could say about this picture and the emotion that it captures.  Life is pretty good for this 2 yr. old boy with gun.  

I spent the weekend in Memphis with girlfriends from college.  It was our annual MLK weekend get together.  How appropriate that we were in Memphis.....we are at the Civil Rights museum here in this pic which is built around the hotel where MLK was shot.  I'm not really a museum person, but it was really cool.  Glad we went. It was SO GREAT to be with these girls and have Kayci show us around her town and her church (and hear Josh preach) and laugh and enjoy the best friends ever.  We were missing several, but so happy to be with the gals that could make it.  
Beth, Kayci, Me, Kate, Mary, Leah, Kami, Sara

While I was gone, my kids were at my parents house so mom sent me lots of great pictures to let me know everyone was having fun! 

Here are a few from their fun at Paw Paw and Gay Gay's:

sweet brothers....they love for Quinn to sit in Kanyon's lap.....and my mom has lots of girl PJ's at her house for the girl cousins....I think we need to get her some boy ones.....but I must say, Q would make a cute girl. :) 

This was back at our house.....qsp carried his "bag" around everywhere.  At least he didn't call it a purse.  

This is klp's fake smile.  lovely.  

another pic of Q sitting in klp's lap while I read a book.  

Quinn sits like this a lot and its pretty precious.  

He also still LOVES the sunglasses Gram gave him for Christmas.  

Playing piano at Great Aunt Mary Lynn and Uncle Steve's house.  She gives them the sippy cup things her boys (who are all in college and beyond) used when they were little.  My boys love them and magically get thirsty the second we walk through her door.  

We've decided q has a thing for glasses.  These are Mary Lynn's that he picked up off her counter.  Nice.  

This is still Kanyon's happy place.  

My stuffed animal boy.  This was on the way to Ladies Bible Class last week.  Bear, monkey, dog and blanket.  He takes very good care of his animals.  The other day he picked up one of his bears and said, "Hey Sweetie".  Haha! I have NEVER heard him say that and don't really think I say it, but I guess he learned it somewhere.  I've also heard him tell his little bear "I love you the most" which is something we say to each other all the time. He'll make a good Daddy one day.  :)  

again...I mean really....not his "smartest" look.  
Maybe I can come up with less random posts for February.


Marianne said...

Paige's pictures of your family are fabulous! What talent! What a precious family. Seriously, I would rather read your blog that do anything. Love to read all about klp and the AMAZING things he is doing. Quinn is a story all his own. So cute and SO ALL BOY!! Love you all so much!!

CJ said...

You know what? You kind of look like Kate Middleton. Has anyone ever told you that? Pretty cool! LOL!

Kyla said...

It's been a while since I've sat down to read your blog and I'm totally enjoying my 'alone' time here catching up! Just have to say... Quinn has a thing for glasses because he wants to be like his big brother, his hero for sure. I just love all the pictures of them reading books together and sitting together...melts my heart!