Thursday, February 2, 2012

Family Pictures

My cousin Paige runs a fab photog business and she was sweet enough to snap a few pictures of the 4 of us.  She got to Thanksgiving before the crowd hit so we ran upstairs and threw clothes on the boys and we just wore what we had on. I probably would've done things like iron the shirts and wait til Q had his new jeans and belt, but the will do just fine.  We love them.  We are just glad to have a picture of us because we have.....NONE.  Paige saves the day again! 

If you can't tell, Q man was not in the mood.  He wasn't in a BAD mood, he just wasn't in a smiley mood.  

klp on the other hand had NO trouble hamming it up for the camera.  

and maybe the picture of the day.....not posed...he was just "feeling big" and showing off.  I love that she caught this.  

She also snapped a big group shot of my fam.  I love these people.  


Gay said...

Paige is awesome! Those are the BEST pictures.

Cassie said...

These are so great!!! That picture of Kanyon completely melts my heart. So precious! You have the cutest little family, Jaymie!!

erin f. said...

These are so good. You look beautiful!

Paige said...

I love you!

kalamazoo said...

I love the pictures of your family. I can't believe how grown up Kanyon is. I love you guys ; Hug Kanyon for me!
Kathy Birt,RN