Thursday, September 13, 2012

More Before Baby

I know its high time I post some current pictures of Jaylie but it will help my brain if I can get all these "before baby" things posted so I can move on to order.  Now that I do instagram, its hard for me to remember which pictures I've blogged and which ones I've only instagramed.  So forgive me if some of these are repeats. I'm not gonna go back searching through old blogs.  

He cooks....he washes the dishes....WHAT A MAN! 

Couch jumping is an all day every day sort of thing around here.  So far, no major injuries. 

This one may be hard to explain, but if you look close you will see my feet under klp's.  His head is laying on a pillow that is on my belly and Q's feet are under klp's in my lap. It was a sweet moment with my boys and my baby belly.  

On the list of things to do before baby was get the boys a haircut. I was in no condition to do it, so we went to Daddy's barber shop and let them get real haircuts.  

Having some lunch in front of the TV. (lazy pregnant mom)

walking into church one week, klp spotted our friends Gary and Sharon and wanted to sit with Mr. Gary.  Cute.  

The Sunday before Jaylie was born we had a little workday with our small group at Camp Deer Run.  It was a fun (and hot) day.  The boys decided to wear their caps backwards.

The Colliers had a flat tire about 10 min. out of town.  No big deal when there's 4 guys to help.  They really had it changed in about 10 min.  I was impressed.  

You know its been a good day when you're filthy, sticky, and headed to the pool for a "bath".  Thats pretty much how all our days at camp go.  

Back in June, my parents offered to keep the boys so Kory and I could have a weekend to ourselves before baby came.  We headed to Dallas and the boys headed to paradise....I mean Paris.  

They did all the things they do with Paw Paw and Gay Gay's....

mule rides (wearing Paw Paw's caps) 


Watching a little Elmo with the cousins

Visiting Uncle Pee Wee and Aunt Gwenie at their shop...and riding all their motorcycles.  

...and leaving the shop with their very own motorcycle shirt.  

Catching fish...and touching them! 

taking rides in the boat

Nothin like a dip in the lake to cool off after a day of fishing! (Quinn was almost drowning my poor dad he was holding on so tight)


Eating supper....with your fishing poles and motorcycles.

and of course....peeing off the pier

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Gay said...

Cute pictures. Especially the last one. :) Couch pictures make me reeeeal nervous!!