Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Jaylie June 1 Month

Jaylie's one month day was also her first day to go to church and the yearly Baby Blessing at our church.  A big day for a little girl.  She wore a dress and shoes that I had bought for Jayde when I was pregnant with the twins, so it was extra special to see her in it.  I really wanted to get sweet pictures  of her before church in her sweet little blue outfit, but she was having nothing of it: 

I tried again after church, but again...not in her plans.  

She fell asleep before I could even get her swaddled so I snapped a picture for what its worth.  

Happy One Month you big cry baby!

The first 2 weeks of her life, she required almost no attention.  She took to nursing great and slept good so she was VERY EASY.  She requires a little more work these days, but she's still a pretty good baby. She has the same gas problems that Quinn did.  The grunting and groaning is particularly annoying at night (for me).  I fully expect her to grow out of it like Q did once she figures out how to nurse without chugging air too. I feel bad when she cries because I know it hurts, but we have a few tricks to help her.  She was up to her birth weight at one week and to 8 lb 6 oz. at two weeks.  I think she has a clogged tear duct, baby acne was/is bad, she purses her lips a lot, she hasn't smiled yet, but she looks like she's really thinking about it.  Her favorite place to be is in someone's arms and she sleeps REALLY good if someone's holding her.  Other than the discomfort from her tummy, she will go to sleep on her own and sleeps good.  Her best sleep seems to be in the mornings after she eats around 6-7. Her worst seems to be from about 2am to 6am.  Not cool. She has lots of birthmarks on her head and the back of her neck.  We aren't quite sure who she looks like.  When looking through old pictures of the boys when they were little, we see her in both of them.  We had a great first month and we are so so happy she is in our family.  I plan on coming up with a better monthly picture, but this first one sort of snuck up on me.  

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erin f. said...

I think all babies go through that stomach trouble time. Its like their little systems have to get used to working. I gave Brown those gas drops every time he fussed and it seemed to help maybe a little. Mostly it just made me feel like I was doing something about it! She is a little doll girl. So beautiful and sweet. Aren't girls just so...girly??