Saturday, September 15, 2012

More Hospital Pics

Rachel and Mindi sent me the pictures they took at the hospital, so here are a few more of the great day Jaylie June was born!!  

Ro Ro delivered the sign that the cousins made.  They each drew a picture and filled in the blanks: Baby Phillips is going to be a _________ named ________.  For example, Mallory's was Baby Phillips is going to be a girl named God.  ***********

The crowd anxiously awaiting the boy or girl news!!!

I'm posting this because of my mom.  She just couldn't believe it was a girl! 

Daddy showing off the new baby!

Daddy calling his parents in Montana.  You gotta get on the phone pretty quick before social media explodes.  News travels fast these days! 

Great people...I love that Hilliard wasn't afraid to be the only boy! (other than my dad)

Kory coming down the hall.  They claimed they could tell by the look on his face that it was a girl.  hmmmm Don't know if that meant they saw sheer terror or pure joy on his face.  

Mindi took a picture of everyone reacting....i LOVE this! I got pictures from every angle!

Showing her off! 

Inside Kory's brain:  "What in the WORLD am I supposed to do with a GIRL??!!" Just kidding.  Kory has embraced the girl and is, of course, and perfect daddy for a girl!  

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KParish said...

LOVE!! can't wait to meet her!