Monday, September 24, 2012

Chief and Gram Come to Texas

Chief and Gram made the trip from Montana to meet Jaylie June and see the growing boys.  They got to our house right as my mom was leaving so Mom snapped a picture of them laying eyes on Jaylie for the first time.  

Then we came inside so everyone could get a good look! 

My mom found this onesie when I was pregnant.  We figured its not every day that you see a shirt with the right grandma name on it, so she got it and figured even if we had a boy he'd look good in purple.....and hot pink....and hearts! :)

This was a gift from Gram so Jaylie modeled it for her while she was here.  

Chief stayed almost a week (a personal record!) but Gram got to stay for 2 more!! It was fun and so much help!!! We were quite lonely when she left.  

Listening to itunes on the porch.  Quinn is our music man so he had fun listening to all of Gram's music.  "Rawhide" was a favorite of his.  The other day he said, "Mom, when I look at Gram's iPad it says 'Head em up and move em out!"  He still remembers his favorite song.  

Why I waited til the last minute to take a picture of her with all of them, I don't know.  The pressure was on and my children did NOT cooperate.  

Though they weren't exactly cooperating, I LOVE this picture.  It makes me laugh out loud.  It just screams INSANITY!  I mean, look at Kanyon's face.  He's literally pulling his hair out!! 

I needed a picture of Gram and her BFF!  But Jaylie kept covering up her onesie.  

When Gram left, we began "real life" which meant me getting up when my boys woke up no matter how early it was and how much sleep I'd gotten the night before, cooking AND cleaning the kitchen, and juggling this new family with 2 less hands.  We had a fun time having our Moms around and are reminded just how thankful we are to have such great mamas!!

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Teresa said...

Love the capes. They look like super heros to me!