Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kanyon's First Day of School

Well, I put it off as long as I could but today klp started back to school.  We waited to start til things with the baby and visitors and all calmed down, so today was the day.  Same teachers, same class, most of the same kids, so all of that is good.  He still goes just 3 days, but this year he's going until 2:00.  

This forlorn look on his face really better describes the way I feel about it.  I'm a poor excuse for an x-teacher.  Now that its ME sending MY kids, I've decided no one needs school, we should all just stay home and play together!  

This sweet smile is more how he was feeling.  

*side note: the slouching is because his mother had his backpack crammed with school supplies and it was really quite heavy.*

He strolled right in to his class and said, "HEEEEEY!!!"  went to his rocking chair and started telling everyone about his baby at home.  This picture is of him with some of his favorite people at school: His teacher, one of the aids, and the one in the back is actually a custodian, but she loves klp and is so sweet to him, so they've become buddies. She came to his room to see him his first day back so I was happy she was there for a picture! :) 

Our long drawn out summer is over and while I'm not too happy about it, I'll try to have a good attitude in front of Kanyon! :)  We really are thankful for a great place for him to go where his teachers and therapists love him and take good care of him.

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