Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Back Home

So...Jaylie still sleeps in a crib.  She loves her crib.  She even calls it a baby crib and she isn't offended by that at all.  She tells me its cozy.  Also, the way our house is laid out, she would have to navigate a couple of different little sets of stairs to get to our room in the middle of the night so I haven't really been in a hurry to deal with that.  So we keep a monitor on her and she stays cozy in her baby bed.  But she's almost 4, so I knew our crib days were numbered.  After a month in Texas sleeping in a regular bed...Queen size no less!....she wasn't too excited about her baby crib when we got back home. I tried to explain to her that we didn't have another bed for her and she thought I should just go to the store and get one.  Duh.  Then I had the bright idea to give her a big bed after all!  So I waved my magic wand and the mattress flew out of her crib and on to the floor! WA-LA!! A Big Bed!!!  The crib was still up in the room, just mattress-less, so it was a pretty obvious magic trick.  I put flat sheet over the fitted crib sheet and a quilt on top, threw a pillow on there and it sure looked the Big Bed part.  I made Jaylie close her eyes when I brought her in the room and when she opened them up, she was SPEECHLESS.  Her lack of words spoke volumes from this normally chatty girl.  She did say something a few days later about maybe wanting to sleep in her crib again, but hasn't mentioned it again since.  She's happy with her new set up and I can put off buying another bed for a little longer!!! 

I got a bike for my birthday so me and Quinn took it for a spin! Our town is a great town to ride bikes in and there is a nice trail if you wanna just ride around the trail.  So far we've ridden to the grocery store, swimming pool, restaurant, church, friends' houses, parks galore, and logged lots of miles on the train! Its been really fun! 

Juney went to work with Kory one afternoon....the smells are VERY real in this line of work.  I think this particular day it was dragging off a dead cow.  Not for the faint of heart....or nose.  

We did a little fishing one afternoon.  Its always a borderline disaster anytime we try to do something "fun" together, but we're always glad we did it.  Giving Kanyon a pole with no hook is the key to our success.  He can cast and reel, but he can't quite be trusted to control it all enough not to hook himself or someone nearby.  So, at least until he realizes he doesn't have a hook, he's happy to be casting and reeling to his hearts content! 

The irresittable draw of rocks by water was more than we could handle, so we ended up spending a good chunk of our time throwing rocks into the lake. I am pretty sure that is the opposite of fishing, but oh well.  And...this is the pose my daughter busts out when I said "look at me!".  Spunk.

Quinn and The Big Sky

Jaylie being uncharacteristicaly patient and agreeable with Kanyon's hair playing.  

THE saddest thing to happen to us in a long time....Kanyon's dear, sweet, amazing, aide (she is with Kanyon all day every day at school) unexpectedly had to move at the end of the summer.  We were all crushed.  We all loved her so much and she loved Kanyon SO much.  She was divinely patient and worked so hard with Kanyon to accomplish so many things. Dealing with Kanyon is no walk in the park, but she never complained and ever batted an eye at even his most challenging things.  Not just anyone could it and and I'm not sure anyone could do it as well as she did.  Our hearts were literally broken.  We always told her that she was a walking example of God's faithfulness to us.  Kanyon was one of our biggest worries and uncertainties moving here almost 3 years ago.  T
he school hired her just for Kanyon and when we met her we instantly knew it was going to be a great match.  Kanyon always referred to Mrs. Shelley as his "partner".  We are thankful God took care of us through her and trust that he will do so again with whatever aide comes next.  
We said goodbye to her on her last day in town.  

Though we were sad, we had cousins on the way so that lifted our spirits a little bit.  And THIS is what Jaylie did right as I'm expecting company.  Nothing like a baby nursery/grocery store in your kitchen when you're expecting 6 people to show up any minute. 

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