Thursday, September 15, 2016

Juney Turns 4!!!!!

Time marches on and before you know it, your baby is turning 4.  I'm not sure I've had any of my kids soak up their big day like Jaylie June did.  Of course there had been lots of birthday talk and planning leading up to the big day, so we had our plans made! The boys ended up being gone most of the afternoon and it was SO MUCH FUN just me and the birthday girl getting ready for her party! 

She picked out her own balloons.  She walked in and made her decision quickly and confidently.  "Light pink and dark pink and light purple and dark purple." You got it girl!  
Crammed in the car pleased as she can be! 

We made her cake and when I say "we" I mean "we" in its truest form.  She wanted to help (and have her opinions) about every little thing.  

I asked her if she wanted to lick the beaters and when I turned back around to take if off the mixer, she was already taking me up on the offer! 

While the cake was in the oven, she requested to take a bath since she could have the whole tub to herself.  She basked in her solitude and relaxation.  

I got her presents out on the table and she was DYING to open one. I let her open this little one and as you can see by the smile, she was PUMPED. 

After she opened her present, we were on to her drink requests.  Pink lemonade and yellow lemonade.  Done.  

Y'all.  The cake.  She's been wanting a "cow cake" for weeks and weeks.  She has had it all planned out for a long time, so it was fun making all her dreams come true.  She knew she wanted a "Mama cow eating grass with a baby calf nursing and a bull and then the mud and poop and stuff inside the gates.  Then sprinkles." She told me exactly what colors she wanted and exactly where the tufts of grass needed to be.  She was a little disappointed that all the cows couldn't fit on the cake, but she was happy with the bull being on the cake plate with his water trough....which was full of blue sprinkles.  All her, y'all.  Inside the corral, she wanted a salt and mineral tub so we put it in there and she filled it with sprinkles. She placed her own candles for the finishing touch.  I had ZERO creative control with this cake, but it was really fun!  She was so pleased and I actually felt legitimate fulfillment making it just like she wanted it. It was pretty much an afternoon of whatever she wanted and it was so fun to be able to say so many YESes! 

We decorated the table with some more of the cow/ranch toys and picked some wildflowers and some alfalfa for the decor.  A nice fun mix for the girly ranch girl. 

She requested "gopher soup" which is a sort of taco soup I make that she LOVES.  Somewhere along the way she started calling it gopher soup...I think my mom started it.  Nothing says hot August summer like a warm soup, but everyone in attendance went right along.  I tried to balance it out with nice summery watermelon.  

Here are the party go-ers! FUN! 

Gay Gay and Nanny Lou got her the Calico Critters Treehouse and the Phillips cousins added to her critter collection. The gifts were a hit for the whole gang! Even little Jona joined the fun.  

In all of her birthday planning, she told me that she wanted slippers with a stick.  She meant high heels.  Her plastic dress up shoes weren't making the cut because they weren't slippers (I think that means closed toe with a strap) and they weren't a stick.  I searched high and low and finally found these shoes on Amazon.  They are completely ridiculous and perfect.  What blows my mind is that these aren't sold as "dress up" shoes.  These crazy things are real shoes for some folks! My kids aren't quite that fancy, but she can sure dress up in them! She was a little disappointed that the heel wasn't totally pointed. I guess she was hoping for tried and true stilettos. I assured her that all heels have to be flat on the bottom so you can stand up. That was good enough for her and she went on clicking on our hard wood floors all day long.  Nothing says Jaylie June like a cow cake and blinged out high heels! 

 Jaylie June, June, Juney girl, all the names we call her, but rarely just Jaylie.  I could try to sum this girl up in a few sentences, but that would be impossible.  I could gush about all the great things about her and her hilarious antics.  I always find myself at a loss to describe her or give examples of funny things she says or does.  Its hard to pin point specific things....its like she just IS so many fun things.  Some of her comments and ideas pretty much scare me out of my wits about what that might mean in 10-15 years! But for now we are getting a kick out of it.  When a heart attack throws you and your "family plan" for a loop and they say "no more kids", overnight she becomes the baby of the family. There's a lot of things that go along with that, but we joke that if she is in fact the end, at least we're going out with a bang.  
Happy Birthday Jaylie June....if the first 4 years are any indication, you're gonna be a BLAST to raise!!!  

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